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Civil Service Pensions

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wolf63 | 21:23 Fri 16th Feb 2024 | Business & Finance
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I have now reached the age of 60 and I am attempting to get a refund of my widows and orphans contribution from the civil service.

I approached them just after my birthday in September.  I have phoned, emailed and sent them a letter.  All I keep being told is that they are dealing with it and my claim is being monitored and expedited.  They have not once contacted me.

I phone today and asked for a letter updating me and advising me why it is taking so long.

If this doesn't happen I am considering making a complaint.  Can I approach the Pensions Ombudsmen without making a complaint first?

Their communication skills are totally non-existent.  


This is a query on the subject from years ago:




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No, you cannot complain to the ombudsman until you have exhausted the complaints process of the relevant organisation of which you are complaining.


But if they are failing to respond to you, you could ask the ombudsman to investigate, pointing out that you cannot enter their complaints process.

The website in the link below has very useful information.

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It is frustrating to not be told if it normally takes this long or if there is a problem.

I will see if they contact me next week.

congratulations on attaining your majority, if not your cashback 🎂

While it is unacceptable it's not unusual. I work where many are due civil service pensions (me included), A colleague retired at 65ish last May. They knew of his retirement date well in advance and yet he didn't receive a penny of pension money until late October. It doesn't help that the handling of these pensions has been franchised out to a private company - MyCSP.

Hopefully if you keep nagging you will get a result.

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Prudie & jno,

I shouldn't really complain, my pension was only 31/80ths.  But I have had twenty years of it.

I wasn't sure who was administrating the pension these days.  But they are pretty inept!


Wolf you may not recall but the best anyone can get, however many years they do is 40/80ths ie half salary (not counting any voluntary additions, AVCs etc) so yours isn't too bad.

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Prudie, I did just short of 25 years and extra due to being retired on health grounds.

I am still mentally and physically ill but not having to go to a stressful job each day helps.

I toddle off to Oxfam and do admin work that I enjoy, with the knowledge that my volunteer status lets me say "sorry, that's not my problem"😁



yeah the Ombudsman (usually) requires you to exhaust local remedies  - cause that is the basis of maladministration.

GMC ( doctors) is just about the only one that allows you to dob in a doc without going thro the tiresome hospital complaints [rocedure

i agree with prudie the delay is usual.  My dad died in august and my mum has only heard in the last week or so about the survivors benefits, despite starting the process just after he died.  They were quick enough to ask for his overpayment back though

I had problems with the Royal Mail pension a while back. I found the normal 'customer service' people to be very badly trained and totally incapable of dealing with my request. But as soon as I made my complaint formal, they somehow managed to sort things out.

So in my experience, I would say making a proper complaint using their procedures, is well worth it.

No one in the office? No surprise there. Most of them don't bother to go in these days it would appear.

I know retro shocking service from a private company


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