Paper Still The Best Choice For Writing

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katiedew | 07:49 Fri 20th May 2022 | Business & Finance
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Why do people still write on paper? It’s so outdated! Why don’t they just use laptops, tablets and phones to write? Surely those methods are much easier and faster, right? Yes, in some cases the electronic versions of paper writer service are more convenient and even faster, but for many people there’s no substitute for writing on good old-fashioned paper.


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Some people like using paper. It is their choice and why shouldn't they if that is what they prefer.
can you recommend any paper suppliers?
why do you assume everybody has a laptop etc i love to get a letter or write a letter some of the older generation dont have the knowledge or money to buy one
I get lovely writing paper/notecards, etc. from Mustard & Gray Shrewsbury. Love to see a hand-written letter come through the letter-box.
I like writing and receiving letters but I do email those people who can receive them. Some of my relatives are older than me and a few have laptops etc most do not so, apart from the phone, there is no other way to communicate than good old fashioned pen and paper. (My carrier pigeon got lost)
yeah me

Olds find proff reading much easier with a text on paper....
so yes I print out on "draft" in order to proof correct

just is - - and is an observable feature
I think Katie is gonna tell us her preferred electonic medium soon
Davebro the best paper suppliers are WH Smith, you can get any stationery there.
There is nothing like the joy of receiving a physical letter, except of course if it is begging spam letters.
Bond. Basildon Bond.
If everyone switched from electronic to paper, we would soon run out of the material. Doesn't grow on trees, y'know.
I prefer a swan quill as the ink seems to flow so smoothly from one. Paper is more reluctant to give up the ink onto the vellum. It just gets over one's fingers.
Unless it's paper, you're not really "writing", are you?
^ if you run out of blotter you could always order some on tinternet
Or use some of that toilet paper you panic bought and haven't got anywhere near using it all.
^^^ I have a couple of 16 packs - can't see a "use by" date on them. LOL

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Paper Still The Best Choice For Writing

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