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Tax Return On Rented Property

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rogerab | 20:34 Sun 11th Sep 2016 | Business & Finance
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I've completed many income tax returns but never had to do one for rented property. I'll need to do one before January. Are they much different to income tax returns? Will I need an accountant?

Thanks in advance.


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If simple, no - there are options to what expenses you can claim like expenses and depreciation on fixtures and fittings, all self-evident in the standard notes.
you need to fill out the relevant section

unless your rents are above £60k I think
three line accounts are sufficient -
takings and expenses and profit

you will pay tax at your top rate on this

I have to say I use an acct - having had regular trouble ( every five to ten years )
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Thanks everyone for their help

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Tax Return On Rented Property

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