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Taxable Maintenance Work On Letting Property.

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cassa333 | 13:13 Tue 29th Jan 2019 | Business & Finance
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Very late in the day but what can you claim as tax deductible for rented out property.

Just (I know, I know a bit late) doing the tax return but not sure what I can put on. I used to be able to put most of the maintenance on there. Such as new doors and handles, cleaning carpets and infestation costs that I incurred from the ‘tenants from hell’ that wrecked the place.

I can’t seem to see where, if at all it should go.

Thank you for your help.


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In the end I just accounted for all of the expenses. Let them work out if I’m wrong lol

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Well due to the last tenants being total twanks I got a £900 tax rebate.

Mind you I have really good tenants in now who are paying £125 a month more than the previous ones so my tax bill next year will probably be me owing money rather than a rebate.

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Taxable Maintenance Work On Letting Property.

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