Onwards & Downwards: February 2020

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ABSpareEditor | 10:49 Tue 04th Feb 2020 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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Last month's thread is here.

January has come to a close. Did anyone participate in Veganuary or maybe dry January?

If so, how did it go?


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Cheers SpEd

Participated in nothing.
Weight not gone as well as I'd have liked.
3½ pounds down this week 27½ in total. Feeling pretty good as people are starting to notice.
Well done Rowan.
Your photo was great.
Well done Rowan. It’s a good feeling.
Good morning all, no up no down. Nothing to say about that.
Maintaining is ok, after all even on a long walk it's nice to stop and catch your breath. One step at a time it's a lifetime change not the 100metres sprint
Quite true Rowan. Will keep that in mind.
Haven't been here in a while but bringing good news. Since beginning of January I have lost 10lbs. I am now 4lbs off the high end of my healthy BMI range :o)

Should be able to shift a bit more before my holiday at Easter!
That is so good Tigger. What methods have you used?
I lost my appetite due to stuff going on in my personal life, Xstitcher, but I have used it to my advantage and kept a log on myfitnesspal. It was easy to do as my stomach shrunk so I couldn't overeat.
Another pound down. Two stone in total
Just to say that I’m sorry things have been rough for you Tigger.
Me too, some people seem to get more than their share of troubles. Hope you are out the other side soon
Good morning all, well finally the needle moved in the right direction so I’m feeling satisfied. Weather here rain rain rain and winds. I travel about on a mobility scooter so by the time I get all my protective clothing on over my Mr. Michelin winter coat I can hardly get my arms down to my sides. I really look comical. The pay off is how good it feels when The rain stops and I don’t need to wear it.
Dropped 0.8 lbs in just over a week.
Sounds like varying degrees of success all round :-)
Good for you OG. Aren’t we all clever clogs!
Thank you Xstitcher and Rowan xx

I have good days and bad days and when I have the bad days my appetite is very low. The issues aren't going to go away any time soon so I have to learn to live with them.
Another 1½ pounds down. Makes 30 in total well chuffed
That's brilliant Rowan. What do you think of the new you?
She is like the old one with better knees. that's been the bonus that makes me smile.

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Onwards & Downwards: February 2020

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