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queenio | 20:43 Tue 04th Jan 2011 | Body & Soul
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Would someone please be kind enough to give me a recipe for bronchitis?


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yes, you just add eggs to flour, then throw in a bit of green food colouring ....
Just send your kids to school in winter, mix, then bring them home.
Allow to fester for a while, then you get the results you requested.
Why, who are you going to be inviting for a meal? Do you mean REMEDY? Hopefully sqad will see this and may be able to help, but in the meantime there must be something on the web or you could just pop into your pharmacist.
if it is remedy, you need antibiotics
Assuming that you mean 'remedy', here's the relevant page from the NHS website:

You know, Chris, you're about as handy as a pocket on a shirt...

I don't know hwere you come up with the always appropriate links and URL's...
Respects, though
Chris is Ethel, reborn
Question Author
Sorry, I wasn't specific I did mean remedy, but I also meant natural as in recipe.

Not enough information....what do you mean by bronchitis?
Sudden onset of chest problems?
Long standing chest problems?
Cough present or not?
Shortness of breath?
Coughing up phlegm or not?
If so...what colour is the phlegm?
Are you a smoker?

These questions need answering before a meaningful and valid answer can be given.
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I did some painting last Sunday, and started coughing immediately afterwards. I cough mostly during the night and now my chest is sore. I do have shortness of breath; there's no phlegm and I don't smoke. Many thanks for your help.
queenio....that isnt bronchitis, but more of a tracheitis as response to the paint.

Do nothing, just monitor the situation for 24 hours....the cough should then have subsided.
Question Author
Thank you very much for your advice. I think the worse part, at he moment, is not being able to sleep much after 2am, and the soreness, which as you say should abate soon.

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