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bigfoot3000 | 13:48 Sun 27th Jun 2010 | Body & Soul
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Those that have spoken to me recently might remember me saying that I have the flu. This still has'nt gone and has now progressed to a feeling of being totally wasted. I feel spaced out, disorientated, energyless as well as still having a cough having blocked sinuses for over a week, losing my taste/smell but the most worrying now is the constant skull splitting headache almost as if blood pressure is building up higher and higher which is now pressing against the back of my eyes especially everytime I cough or walk around and the bloodflow starts moving fast. think I will have to go doctors tomorrow as I don't seem to be getting better. I"ve had flu and this is 50x worse the only other thing I can liken this too is when I had suspected swineflu for two weeks last year. Any ideas will be appreciated.


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Is it a bad case of Hayfever?

I get hayfever pretty bad every year and today I feel absolutely rotten, My partner has a bad cough and chest from his hayfever also.
I think your idea to go to the doctor tomorrow is good, you have had these symptoms too long now. Hay fever is very bad this year, the pollen count is high. The headache is not good, I must admit I get headache when I get really blocked but yours sounds almost like migraine - that can leave you pretty wasted-feeling too. Get to the doc tomorrow - if you can't get an appointment straight away, do you have a walk-in Centre near you where you could go instead?
Mine has been really and this year and I barely leave the house. Sore throat, tired, sneezy, cough, running eyes, feeling 'out of it' every now and then, banging head - all these I get often through out summer. Hayfever is bloody horrible. Hope you feel better soon Bigfoot and the doc sorts you out!
No good speculating my friend, go to the docs and let them run some tests.
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Ive never had hayfever boxtops and yes it is a walk in centre, though tomorrow it wil become a crawl in centre as my legs have turned to lead! lol.
Excellent advice already given, get your BP checked and explain all symptoms, may be post viral fatigue but the headaches need sorting.

Feel better soon

Bigfoot - I never had hayfever till I was in my thirties, suddenly got it, unfortunately had it ever since. I have medication from the doc from mid-March to October every year, I seem to be allergic to all things polleny which is a bit of a buffer as I love my garden. Down the road has a huge yucca flowering, which is doing for me at the moment! Glad to see other people are suggesting the same thing - if you have a WIC then at least you will defo be seen tomorrow. It'll take a few days for meds to get into your system, but hopefully you'll feel better soon. Let us know!
I also didn't get mine till later on. Actually when I moved from the South to the North - now every year without fail and its horrible. Hope the docs sort you soon.
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Thanks everyone, yeah the most painful one is when I feel a cough coming I cover my mouth and try to stifle it in my throat try to cough as little and quiet as I can and even then I's pure agony, If I just let the cough come out normally unstifled I think my skull would shatter!
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Doesn't Hayfever's symtoms include constant streaming eyes, coughing and mainly sneezing? Apart from the slighty phlemy chest and the "Welded shut" sinuses I have none of the above.
Hav you got any painkillers with you? When I have a really bad head, I swear by Propain Plus - they have a bit of antihistamine in, too. They are however STRONG - I usually take 2 and go to sleep for a couple of hours (don't have a lot of choice, they zonk me), feel woolly when I wake up but the headache has gone. Propain itself is good for pain, but the Plus ones I save for really bad headaches.
I feel dreadful with hayfever at the moment. Am staying in today, but on Friday and Saturday I felt really ill. Don't worry too much about it being blood pressure. Headaches like this are rarely blood pressure problems unless it is extremely high and you are a blood pressure suffered (as advised by my GP).

I am getting shoooting pains behind my eyes at the moment and today my chest feels tight. Am taking Piriton which is spacing me out more.

HOWEVER, you must go and see a doctor. We can't diagnose on here, only give our thoughts and, of course, sympathy. xx
Bigfoot. Hayfever symptoms can vary. I am not sneezing at all with mine at the moment.

Hayfever and asthma are closely akin, and both can make you feel really, really ill.

However, you might have a bug. Take care.
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Last night I came in and literally fell unconscious with pain and fatigue! I have been constantly taking Beechams all in one and they haven ot helped one little bit, when Idrink coffee or smoke I dont' feel a thing (I know I should'nt have&have stooped now) I have just found a pack of citerizine dyhydrochloride hayfever one a day tablets and have taken one I read the interactions and have judged it safe for me to take because at this point I'd try anything!
Good luck - you shouldn't be on alcohol tho, if you are on Beechams All in One.... see what the doc says, let us know. Those of us who suffer, sympathise!
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Cheers everyone will keep you posted! Watching the world cup England vs Germany by myself obviously no alcohol and no real passion or interest in anything! Ain't sickness a bummer!
man flu? I hear you can die a long and painful death from that.

verrrrrrrrrrrry long, and verrrrrrrrrrrry painful for us, anyway ;o)
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Lol, sara that's the 150th time I've heard that and all from women! Lol, seriously I pride myself on being a nonstop machine working through rain, sleet, hail and blizzards through any sickness so when you hear me whinge and whimper I can assure you I'm literally on my back and out of juice!
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Ive looked at a couple of websites Hayfever Symptoms and none have mentioned losing smell and taste which has happened to me for a week, have any of you sufferers lost your smell and taste?
Bigfoot. Go and see the doc tomorrow. You probably have a bad sinus infection after a bug and need some antibiotics. Even hayfever can leave you with ear infections, etc.

Go and have a sleep and stop worrying. You will survive I promise.

But you must see the doc.

Not being able to taste or smell is a common symptom of blocked up noses, colds, flu and infections.

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