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Redrum | 18:43 Wed 03rd Mar 2010 | Body & Soul
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Having a pending check up with my NHS dentist, I was wondering what they are obliged to do to your teeth during the examination ? I pay £16.50 for my dentist to merely ask me if i have any problems, then he just sticks that small mirror in my mouth and that is it, all done in seconds...Im wondering surely they should do a scale and polish too ??? Should I say something to him next time ? It's like I may as well just hand over the money and walk out its a waste of time...


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Scale and polish is a separate treatment, they charge a good forty quid for doing that.
true re the scale and polish, that's a private costed treatment.

and you're not obliged to go to the dentist, although it's quite sensible to go.
Question Author
I thought it was part of the treatment, but if i dont go for a check up regardless if i need to or not they strike you you dont have a choice...
Yes I think you are right, you drop off the lists if you don't go. My neighbour's dentist has started making 9 month appointments which spreads the load a bit - and ours is being practical in that he books the next check up six months from when any current treatment finishes, rather than the same time each year. NHS treatments don't seem to be a lot cheaper than basic private fees these days, unless you are entitled to free treatment!
Hi there - I wonder if it is different throughout the UK. I go every 6 months to dentist and normally (touch wood) have nothing wrong and only get my clean and polish. That costs £10.50 - I am in Scotland and at an NHS dentist, not private.
A few months ago I went into our dentist for a check up...someone was waiting before me. he went in for his treatment and emerged Less then three minutes later.
He went to pay, and the receptionist said....''It was just a checkup..£72 please''

It costs me £16 per month for two check-ups and two visits to the hygenist a year.
Any other treatment that is done in the surgery is free.
Question Author
Alavahalf - are you referring to NHS treatment or private ? Your answer is confusing...
I went for a check up last month my dentist gave my teeth a clean charged £16.50
Question Author
I've never had a clean from my dentist...he is a lazy oaf lol !
My dentist always give my teeth a clean when I go for a check
-up - besides he's more gentle than the hygienist
yes me too lard, I've told him I won't see the hygienist, he can do it, same price.
Redrum...I'm private..we did'nt have an option if we wanted to stay with the same dentist.
the can give you a basic scale annd polish within the band 1 charge, but don't have to if it's not needed
I always get a scale and polish within my £16.50 fee. Its worth knowing then only drop you off the books if you don't go for 18 months

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