Are we ruined?

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Lakitu | 16:59 Wed 04th Jun 2008 | Body & Soul
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Has Hollywood ruined our perception of what a relationship is?

With some amount of regularity we plonk ourselves infront of a DVD and in 90 minutes we watch love blossom, the inevitable argument and break up, the 1 conversation or the not so achieveable in real life gesture that fixes everything and they all live happily ever after?

Have these movies made me a 30 something single woman with expectations so high that the single status will remain indefinately?


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And you know this how?? LOL
I'm Sister Janet (psst, don't tell Max)
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LMAO!! Brilliant!
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Hello Sister Janet!

I thought you'd been thrown out for unnatural behaviour towards inanimate objects? My mistake then!

No, with the help of Sister Ignacious Infantia and her crew: /nuns.jpg

I was kept on a good and morally true path to self righteousness.

Oh behave!

And say ten Hail Mary's.

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Are we ruined?

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