Are we ruined?

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Lakitu | 16:59 Wed 04th Jun 2008 | Body & Soul
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Has Hollywood ruined our perception of what a relationship is?

With some amount of regularity we plonk ourselves infront of a DVD and in 90 minutes we watch love blossom, the inevitable argument and break up, the 1 conversation or the not so achieveable in real life gesture that fixes everything and they all live happily ever after?

Have these movies made me a 30 something single woman with expectations so high that the single status will remain indefinately?


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Yes, I would suggest waiting for �man� to club you over the head and drag you back to his cave for a bit of how�s your brontosaurus.

Nothing wrong with a bit of romance, but to expect the Hollywood-ised notion of what this entails to be entertained and appropriated by a rather sanguine Kevin from the local Blockbusters store down the High Street might seem somewhat over-optimistic, and dare I say, delusional.

Somewhere in the middle might seem a realistic approach, and romance (and attraction) is an added bonus. Catch him if you can.

Thanks Octavius, all hope is not lost then!

Now, where's my nearest Blockbusters....
gd question lakitu. I would need to think about it but all I wanted to say was check if Film 4 are still running 'The Anniversary Party' which deals with your question head on, and is brill. Was just on the other night.
Maybe you'd be better off to watch something of a more 'Scandinavian' nature.This will help you redress the balance of Hollywood gloss and what your average man at the bar in Wetherspoons is looking for.
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I've never even heard of it, how strange I should ask a question that tackles that issue! I'll have a look out for it or download it later.

Octavius, do you see where I'm coming from? I don't deliberately enter a relationship with these notions but I think that the media leaves us (maybe just the younger generation?) with ideas that everyone else's relationship is like the latest romcom, so when I don't get the spontanious flowers or whatever else it is I'm looking for, I'm left disappointed and "he's not the one"
max, Kevin is mine and I will fight you for him!
Octavius, was your use of the name Kevin intended to epitomise a certain type of chap? ;)

Lakitu, I do agree love. It takes a lot to temper expectations, no matter how realistic we think we are! Relationships are so much hard work, as we have chatted about before. Nothing is ever as straightforward as it seems. We have to negotiate our own "baggage" (for want of a far better term!), and other peoples', as well as societal misconceptions and bl00dy women's magazines that try and dictate that we should be doing this, this and this to "catch Mr Right", and that if we aren't, there's obviously something very wrong with us!

There's nothing wrong with admitting that love is complicated, and happy/sad, and the best thing to ever happen to you, and the most painful experience you have ever endured...

The only reservation I would have there Booldawg, is that Mad Johnny �ten pints� standing at the bar will probably have the deluded notion that he can save the planet with a string vest, some bubblegum, 3 pipe cleaners and a paintball gun. Although to be fair, that�s not always Hollywood gloss either�. is it? Especially if that gets the woman in the end, eh. Well ....providing she does the old horizontal lambada with the camera's rolling.
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"The most painful thing you've ever endured"

Amen to that, leelapops!
Films have certainly ruined one good marriage.

A man was bored with his 'unadventurous' wife and took her to see a porn film.

She was horribly shocked and embarrassed, but soon became engrossed.

She couldn't wait to get home to tell him she wanted a divorce - she wanted a man with a big one like in the film. :)
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That's tickled me, thank you!!
Ethel is a hussy.
Ah but Ethel, most women only watch porn to see if the characters get married at the end don't they?
Of course they do, Octavius!

And when we have girlfriends over for a night in, we have pillow fights in our underwear.
That sounds positively over-dressed to me, what are you, nuns?
Yes, actually.
Sister Act or Black Narcissus?
lol, max and Octavius, shall we leave you to it?!

Haha Lakitu, I hear that, Sister!
Sister Mary of Froggyland. I escaped that convent (too slack on the rules), and joined a UK one, but I liked the name, so Sister Janet let me keep it.
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LOL, do nuns have pillow fights int heir underwear?? Do nuns even wear underwear??
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