Sore nose

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Emu2005 | 13:37 Thu 17th Jan 2008 | Body & Soul
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This probably sounds stupid but my nose really hurts and I can't think why!

My right nostril and the surrounding area really hurts every time I move it at all (even similing hurts!) - it feels a bit like I have been punched there (but I haven't). It's quite red as well. It's really weird and wonder what could be causing it? I don't have a cold or anything, this has just come from nowhere.

Has anyone else had anything like this?


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You may have a spot coming. This happened to me the other day, spot came up and went and its fine now. Is it a bit red and a bit swollen?
Dont move it then. Sorry my mum always used to say that. had to be done
Yes I know what you mean. Sometimes I experience the very same thing, it feels like the area is bruised. It might be caused by excessive blowing of your nose?
So glad you asked this Emu. All through winter months my nose hurts like that on and off. Never get a spot, and it goes after a week or so only to return days after that. Really odd.
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My boyfriend thought it might be a spot as well, but I don't think it is. The pain seems to be for the whole area but the nostril hurts as well as the part of my face next to it.

I doubt it's to do with nose blowing either as don't blow my nose much!

Glad to hear other people get this though. I can live with the pain, I was just worried in case it was something bad! (yes I'm a hypochondriac!). I'm hoping it will go away though, it's pretty annoying and half of my nose is red!

Thanks for your answers :-)
some times medication can cause this are ya taking anything.if it only on one side and acute it sounds not to serious.give it a few days if no better see dr may have boil comming up
Did you have some rough sex with your boyfriend? If so this may have caused it :)
Surely that's not rough sex... that's just plain weird sex....LOL
I have had this on and off, it is probably becuase you are slightly run down and had a bad diet over christmas which can cause all sorts of spotty blotchy things. Am I right? It will go away, Nothing to worry about red nose.
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No it wasn't anything to do with weird or rough sex!

It hurts a bit less now, but I really don't think it's a spot or boil, the pain seems to be over too much of a big area for it to be one small thing. Think I'll see if anything comes up or it goes away and then maybe go and see a doc next week.

thanks again for your help!
could be gout? you dont just get it in you feet and hands

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Sore nose

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