40th birthday

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sjs | 16:44 Sun 07th Oct 2007 | Body & Soul
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hi I'm gonna be 40 in January -SCARY!!

Has anyone any great ideas on how I can celebrate it.I don't want to hold a party -thats not really me.

I need ideas for a group of friends about 6-7 of us .

p.s im female



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Book to see a panto?
Hi sjs, what do you like? Do you like a social drink but just don't want a party but would be happy to have an evening out kinda thing??

Someone I know was recently 30 and went to a roller disco dressed in eighties gear. Hired a limo with a kareoke bar in to take them to the roller disco!
Do you have a greyhound racing track near by? I went for one of my birthdays with a group of friends and we had a great time - not expensive, but very entertaining.
You think thats scary am 60 in march !!!!!!!!! help
how about a charity sponsered something? paint balling, murder mystery nite? spa for u all for the day and a posh hotel? if it was me and it was all girls, i would pamper myself, horseriding? go girl
I was thinking of asking the same kinda thing for my 21st next March!
I had a party at my bfs house for my 18th, invited my family & his family and all friends & people i had known growing up, 3 mates turned up :( I suppose I learnt who my real mates are! But i dont want to go through all that again!

Ive just made myself sound really sad havent i!? :(
Hi sjs :)
Me too lol.... and me thinks I'm gonna be there before you hehe.... I'm the 1st.
New years eve party rolls on for me and it's a fancy dress this year.
I've been taken to Cirque du Soleil on previous birthdays, and also concerts of my choice.
But.... know what??? as long as I get a gluten free cake made for me....
I'm a very happy girl lol :) xxx
for my 21st, my mum took me to see a strip show (good taste) IT WAS BRILL!!!! TRY IT,
Is there a concert you could go to see?- maybe a group from the 80's to bring back memories of the school disco!
during the daytime of my 40th birthday, i had to compulsory attend court for unpaid fine, wich had dated back to when i was thirty five, meaning i hadnt done anything about that fine for up to five years.............
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What about a spa break,where in the country are you?
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hi thanks for all the ideas so far.

yeah i don't mind a night out.I was thinking along the lines of 70's ,80's theme.That limo with karaoke bar sounds cool!!
I hired a suite at the Marriot GLC Building, on the Thames, next to the London Eye. I arranged sensory float pod sessions for them during the day, massages, and a wine tasting. At night we did the 'Eye' and a jazz trip along the Thames. The next morning I took the ladies on Eurostar to Lille to go shopping for the day. They had lunch on their own (with a little help of suggestions) and dinner on the train coming home. It was a great outing for them!

I took a small birthday group on the Orient Express out to Bath. Departs from Victoria station, silver service brunch, two hours to visit around Bath, then a dinner trip home. seems now to be happening 3-4 times a year, I take Birthday goups on weekend crash-course shopping trips to New York City...Most of them are just Friday-Sunday trips. They depart with no baggage and return having had to pay excess fees! So I'd suppose that's a measure of success for some.

Have taken an older ( I mean..prune daiquiri old) on a trip to Amsterdam where they DEmanded a tour of the red light district and a rolling dialogue of as many vicarious stories as I could come up with about the history of the brothels...
(Interestingly, I took the same couple to Paris about 6 months later, for a walking tour of the historic brothels of Paris)....they were the cutest couple and it just drove me wild wondering what was going on in their minds... Bless their socks!

If your budget is tight, you can also do a day's hire of a canal boat...they're available throughout the country.

Hope some of these help

Fr Bill
Go to the G Hotel in Galway - its a fantastic hotel and Galway is very lively in the evenings!!

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40th birthday

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