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Reverandfunk | 15:39 Tue 28th Aug 2007 | Body & Soul
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Why does Dr Spock have such a interest in homosexual activity?


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Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, another post about homosexuality. Cant you see they always end up in a slanging match.
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Still doesn't really explain your fascination with it all, though, does it Doc ?
More like his absolute disgust you mean?
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Doc - What about if I have an*l sex with my girlfriend???
You are fascinated, I am disgusted by it.

Still, if a richard the third on the end of your todger floats your boat carry on.
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It shows how little you about the real world Dr Spock. i would be at least 25% of hetrosexual couples under the age of 35 indulge in a bit of back door love.
I must say, having watched from the sidelines, I have a lot of sympathy with Spock, who disagrees fundamentally with the principles and practice of homosexuality.

You do know of course exactly what gay men do to each other ? Exactly ? Calling it 'gay' does dilute the rather unsanitary facts in a fey and pretty word.

He is a little brusque, but the way the advanced liberal airy-fairy do-gooders have leapt upon him is pathetic. He doesn't like homosexuality, that is his right. Some of you people I am sure will eventually try to make it compulsory.

Same with the adoption thing. It is one thing to tolerate a couple's freedom to behave together and relate as they wish in private, it is quite another to change the whole way a society regards and raises its kids.
Did you go to night-school to learn such poetic turns of phrase, Doc ?

You are still obssessing about the physical aspects of a gay relationship.

Have you ever spoken to someone about this ? Sublimation is a dreadful thing.

Hang on there rev, are you saying your partner sports a pair of knackers?
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Would bet.

And Spock you don't make points you just show your ignorance by making a sweeping comment with nothing to back it up. Just keep quoting the bible lol
Hi whiffey, I do like what you say.
PS. No probs with you and the rusky. ( only a joke)
Any chance of keeping this argument to just one thread?

With the level of silliness that's going on you might even make it to a thousand posts.

Just a thought....
sort of agree with you whiffey. Doc like everyone else has a right to his opinions.....but he shouldn't be allowed to voice them in such a nasty, childish bigoted way.

I despise cucumbers, but I wouldn't dream of holding that against people who like it.
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I did say girlfriend.

I wouldn't say that I find the thought of two men or women together particulary nice but accept that other people are different to me.

If it doesn't effect me directly then so what?

I find it slightly worrying when people have a view and that is it with no balanced argument.
Why shouldn't Spock place great stress on the physical aspects of male homosexuality ? It's a pretty fundamental thing, still, as long as they don't wake up the adopted children that'll be ok then.
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Well said BOO and on that note I'm off to stick pins in my eyes.
Reverend, exactly !!

I understand that people despise me, but it's always nice when they can explain precisely why :o)
Doc's an athiest, or so he has claimed. Apparently religion cause hatred. Although when it comes to gay people adopting he wants god to help him.

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