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Reverandfunk | 15:39 Tue 28th Aug 2007 | Body & Soul
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Why does Dr Spock have such a interest in homosexual activity?


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Is it only male homosexuals you find repulsive or is it ALL genders?
The thought of two women getting it on is a turn on for most red blooded males,
yours truely included
ey up, john's giddy this afternoon...........
Dont despise you jack. Just cannot understand why you prefer putting your todger in a male rather than a female.. Maybe I am thick and missing something ( dont think so).
Why do men get so turned on at the thought of women together, but women don't get turned on with the though of men together?
Two women, I have seen night club acts. Never seen two blokes on stage though. Perhaps Jack could get tickets, I am sure he goes to such venues.
And because you cannot lift your mind above belt-buckle level you roundly condemn us...........

You are a very sad man, Doc, and have my endless pity..........
Very true, John.

It has been mentioned in many a sex manual how men are intrigued *lol* by lesbian sex..of course the lesbian sex men think about is usually performed by women who aren't lesbians at all ;o)

The aforementioned documents also point out that there are almost an equal amount of women (and men) who are fascinated by homosexual sex. Just watching, of course!
I asked a direct question Doc, why not give a direct reply for once?
I got pulled onto a snooker table in Germany by two female strippers and was made part of the act, one of the best experiences of my life
I don't think I'm even going to dignify that with an answer, Doc.

Some people, of any persuasion, choose to life their life in the gutter, thankfully I am not one of them.

I had that once John by 2 strippers in seedy night club.

Can just imagine Jack being bu55ered by 2 burley fireman in similar club, bet he would love that,
Is that something you enjoy imagining Doc??? I bet it is!!!
Just trying to get into what appeals to him

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