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Alixw | 11:33 Fri 09th Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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Can anyone tell me what ringworm is and how / why you get it?

Thank you!


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I believe it is a fungal infection. I had this on my leg when I was a kid !! They reckon that I might have slid in some dogs poop when I was playing football and picked it up from that ( I was quite young mind - so they could really have told me anything !!!!). I remember having to put some stinking ointment on it - smelt worse than the aforementioned doggy poop !!
yep its a fungal infection rather than a worm.

heres the NHS info on it spx?articleID=324
yes it is a fungal infection I had it on the palm of my hand once and I got it from a hedgehog! (I have rescue hedgehogs sometimes). it started as small blisters which then broke and left very dead skin behind - it spread in a ring across my hand and I lost several layers of skin. It is treated with an anti fungal cream.
Needless to say I always wear gloves when handling hedgehogs now!
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Great answers guys, thank you very much!
My ex caught it from messing around on his uncles farm. And it can be spread so if you've got it try not to get too close to anyone elses skin
Yeah, I got it from my cat once - it was a Saturday when I noticed ithe red ring on my face so Doctors closed. Bought some anti-fungal cream used to treat athlete's foot and started using that until I could get to the doctors the next week. He just said to carry on using that!!

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