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noxlumos | 18:11 Tue 23rd Jan 2007 | Body & Soul
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As this is a body and soul topic I thought I might like to ask how many of you feel a deep worry for a sick fellow member, like Jenna for instance, and how many of you don't and report questions posted out of concern?


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Yes noxy....I have been wondering where she is. So what saddo reported the question?
you got reported?... that really seems a bit miserable to me...
I wondered where Jenna was, sorry I don't know the details of what happened. People reporting questions for the sake of it are a flipping pain in the bum. (had to edit that cos we've all be threatened !!)

Hope you're OK Jenna.


Hi nox, I was just going onto your post and it went, some real sad people about, hope Jenna is ok, I will mail her now.
Question Author
yeah what a bummer that is. Show some thought or consideration for a fellow human being and zap your question is banned.However show some delight at the deaths of some young graffitti artists and your question stands. fairs/Question349108.html
Great editorial policy.
nox what makes you think jenna is a sick fellow aber. or have i missed something lately. could she maybe be working ?
Question Author
She's awaiting the results of some tests ergarding possible breast cancer and hasn't been very well at all recently Crete.
Ive looking for the Q ......cant believe someone reported it....I even checked my profile to see if it had been moved by the Ed
Crete....she is waiting for the results from a lump in the breast. They were suppose to be here last week
nox, the answers to that Q you linked to are unbelievable!...
I suspect the new headmistress has sidelined this sort of thing along with the wearisome �where�s whiffey� and �I love wardy� threads that appear randomly and all too frequently in B&S.

It may not have been reported. It may have been that this is primarily a general knowledge Q&A website, not a personal messenger, so the AB Ed has deemed that your question contravenes the rules. Perhaps if you had posted in AB Suggestions, or People & Places the Q might have remained. Who knows.
but hey snagged.......that's it's ok????
It was a Q...thats all it needs to be
mmm ummmm1... double standards methinks...
woah ..what'd I miss?

another random removal?
no disrespect but hetr postings were becoming like a dear diary section, seldom a question more an update on her life, if she has a problem i hope she gets the right advice.
methinks too.......not really is a question after all
Do you know Noxlumos , I was just wondering where your question disappeared to. I was about to post an answer saying that I had wondered where she had got to as normally she posts a lot but the question had vanished. I have noticed this happening a few times today and thought that I was going mad. I know that WM is renowned for on occasion posting distateful posts but he posted a rather innocuous question today about what clothes were in vogue because he needs a makeover and felt very self consious about his current clothes. Needless to say , this thread was soon deleted and I thought that perhaps it had been moved to shopping as it was to do with clothing but no , it has disappeared from my questions answered. It makes me think that it is one of two possibilities :

1: Selective editing from over zealous ABers who either do not like the question or indeed the questioner.

2:The new Ab Ed has construed it as pointless chat and deleted it.

It's a sad state of affairs though when you can not post a question enquiring about the welfare of a fellow Aber and how their health is , given the blurb about AB being a 'community site'. It seems that certain members are made to be ostracised from their community then !!!
Question Author
Well maybe so Crete, but she has as much right to post here as anyone else as have I enquiring as to her health, as this is body and soul and that was a question.
nox, i take your point, but most of her contribution was about herself, rarely a question, we had days of what she ate ! if she has a genuine problem is A B the best place for PROFESSIONAL advice ?

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