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noxlumos | 18:11 Tue 23rd Jan 2007 | Body & Soul
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As this is a body and soul topic I thought I might like to ask how many of you feel a deep worry for a sick fellow member, like Jenna for instance, and how many of you don't and report questions posted out of concern?


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I have just looked it up. Absolute freaks, should have been put down at birth.

This perverted psychology actually explains quite a lot.

I am enlightened.
See see learn something new everyday
Jamie Lee Curtis is one alledgedly
this thread, begun out of compassion for a fellow ABer, seems to have turned into a platform for abuse of other ABers who have, politely, disagreed. A shame; it recalls Diana's-death syndrome.
i dont really understand why people turn on each other like this. Only the editorial team can remove posts, and if they are removed in error, then they are reinstated. Individual ab'ers dont remove posts. If they see something that is against the "laws" or spirit of the site then they bring it to the editorial team's attention. The team then decides whether it agrees or not, and whether the post gets banned, so there is no need to berate other people for reporting posts. There might be things that you find unacceptable in posts that others would be cross at you for reporting, but it dosent take away your right to report them anyway.
In answer to your question, i dont generally find myself in deep worry over anyone on here (except possibly myself!)
Well we have an interesting discussion here into semantics and group-hugginess and whether or not rules should apply in this case and blah blah.

We also have seen the dark clouds gathering on the horizon, and we must not try to blow them away unless they rain on us.

It's great for AB when "put down at birth" enters a debate. That whole malarkey has been tried already, and a number of people dropped 7ft with a rope around their neck as a result.
Grr premature posting strikes again!

anyway, if you know someone else off here enough to be "deeply worried" about their state of health, why dont you have their email address? As someone else has pointed out, i would say the overwhelming majority of users probably don't know who jenna is, and therefore cant really be called heartless for not caring too much, or for not wanting to be updated on other peoples lives
stop it now cos this is a waste of everyone's emotions.
To me one of the joys of coming on Ab is that you can ask a question, get and answer and p pass the time of day with fellow AB'ers as I would with someone I crossed paths with an a fairly regular basis e.g a work colleague. I think it's perfectly acceptable - and kind - to enquire after a fellow AB'ers health, it is not idle chat it is a courtesy.

Wardy I apologise for this afternoon I had someone turn up for a meeting early and curtailed my lunch, I've just come on to continue my response to your perfectly reasonable question which I thought was appropriately put in B&S, you wanted to make over your appearance to improve how you feel about yourself, I see nothing wrong in that. I don't know what went on but whoever made fun of your dead wife should be ashamed of themselves, you can stick up for herself, she is not here to do so. Shame on you who ever it was, unneccesary and rude.

If anyone emails Jenna (X) please pass on my best wishes and tell her my Mum was diagnosed in 1975 and she's still here so a positive diagnosis is not always bad.
-- answer removed --
sorry that shoulsd have said 'stick up for yourself'
I came on this post to enquire about Jenna, hope she's ok as I've lost a couple of pals to cancer.
W-M I dont mock of make fun of your "dead wife" , I do however question her existance as per your other famous lies
Hello Helli, hope you are ok now, I have e-mailed Jenna, but haven't heard back yet, shame that nox asking about somebody has resulted in a slanging match, but never stop asking noxy.
Yeah I'm fine now Ray - something that got bought home from school I think.

I love the fact that there is care and support available here, both given and recieved, I have lot's of friends but sometimes it's nice to chat to my cybermates and get a different perspective on a problem.

<sighs deeply> Is it such a sin digressing every now and then?
Well I'll intrude in here again. The sentiments of the question are worthy, but is there not a whiff of "I asked a perfectly legitimate question" (was it?) "and it got banned because someone" (not of our clique) "reported it"

Rules are rules and goodwill is goodwill.

How deep is an online worry.....?
Question Author
I think you will find whiffey that I have never given a flying fox about anyone's clique. I thought it was wrong that the original question was reported, true enough, and I don't think it is in the spirtit of what AB should ideally be about but it has nothing to do with cliques. I don't care if you reported it, wardy, pippa, crete, ray whoever. It's not relevant.
I don't ask frivolous questions, I'm not a frivolous person by and large. Particularly at the moment.
I think also bed knob, it's safe to assume that almost ayone posting on body and soul knows who Jenna is.
I'm not particularly fussed if this, or I, get banned, and if it does I won't bother coming back, but I will say that this place is getting a very unkind, unpleasant place where point scoring against each other is becoming the norm, bullying, intolerance and general pettiness is rife.
It could be so nice here, damned shame.
Well noxy I agree whole-heartedly with your sentiments, believe me I do. I would question that everybody 'knows' Jenna. Not to detract from good wishes, but isn't this group huggy stuff getting out of hand ?

You won't get banned because you are intelligent, articulate, and kind.
Jamie Lee Curtis...transgender? no no no no no..she was rumoured (rather viciously) to be a hermaphrodite which is something else, I think? in any case she isn't either one of those ;o)

Now, Tingtong Maccadangdang...

Enough of that. Back to the original chat.
Hmmmm, this is obviously a very sensitive subject 'Jenna' - as much as I value her comments and her current state of affairs - sometimes, and Im sorry to have to say this - it can get a little bit heavy. Sorry! But that is how I personally feel, we all have bad things to cope with in life, some more so than others on here, some we wish to share with others, some we would rather keep private that is not deemed appropriate for 'sharing' on this day to day site, Jenna does have a lot of issues, and I am not doubting for one moment that she does not have the problems that she expresses this 'need' on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day, I hate to say this but attention and cries for help spring to mind, as much as i feel for her and the problems she is experiencing - I am not qualified enough to help or advise her at all - I think its gone beyond that. Please don't slate me, anything i have said is not meant in an aggressive or flippant attitude at all. Having said that - there is no sign of Wonderwoman on here either, I do wish Jenna all the very best and I do hope she is ok !

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