I feel really brilliant tonight

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DottyH | 22:32 Fri 12th Jan 2007 | Body & Soul
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I feel light hearted, relaxed, in a very good humour, positive, with a small element of intense optimism,
life is so up and down usually, but tonight, i feel good. so good infact I forgive the ed for not reinstating my official ID, ED, pour yourself a double!!!!!

But on Monday I want my ID back, what are the chances?


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Can I have some of what you are having?
Well I would say slim. I'm still waiting for mine and it's been ages
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I have ordered a roll of CSI tape over the internet and I intend to wrap it around the AB Monastery unless my ID is back by 5pm in Monday. Is it possible the ED is holding it to ransom?
Ive had 4 cans so Im in good mood aswell Dotty...glad u aint stresseed as usual
by the way...who is gettin booted oot of BB...Im watchin a video so did not catch the loser
You got laid didnt you!!!!!
Carol...... Leo did a runner earlier.
oh dotty its great isn't it all bubbly and bouncy and ahhhh its happt happy friday joy and smiles, laughing for miles, jokes and cheers , tea no beers!!
ahhh i love it live it like it!!!!!
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I never reveal my drug of choice but suffice to say life is worth making an effort over cos one day it can all be over and you think, ****, i didn't put the garbage out.

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I feel really brilliant tonight

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