farting in the bath.

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steve2010 | 21:50 Fri 12th Jan 2007 | Body & Soul
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why is it that when you fart in the bath,it smells a lot more then if you did it out of the bath


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Well if you are leaning forward watching the bubbles, you are going to catch it right in the face!!!!
Excellent question steve !!

Do you find that you have to contract the abdo muscles to squeeze them all out ? Bubbles and steamy windows and a putrid smell throughout the house. I light an incense stick downstairs so the lovely aromas float upstairs and cancel out the bath pong.
Mine don't ~ they smell of Radox :o)
Funny, it's the opposite way round for me.
because the bubbles are concentrated fart - if you release into the air by the time it reaches you nose the gas has been dissipated some what, whereas when you are sitting down in the bath the gas is delivered out of the water in an undissipated state plus as you are sitting down you are much closer to the stink than if you were standing...

see i've thought about this before lol
Mr P reckons if you pop the bubble it contains fart concentrate. And there was me thinking he was talking bo11ox!
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well,my old dad used to say,have a laugh son,your a long time dead
Think you may find your answer in this book to be found on Amazon and in all good bookshops soon:

Bubbles In The Bath by Ivor Windybum
what about the water bubble, Wibble?

try saying that fast......!
As a follow up question to this one:

Why can you tolerate the smell of your own fart much better than you can tolerate the smell of someone else's fart?

i dont fart.sorry i cant be of any help

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farting in the bath.

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