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im wearing a vest tonight

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bobtheturkey | 22:06 Fri 19th May 2006 | Body & Soul
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does that do anything for females in this day and age? or should i put my cardigan back on?


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The lacy bra chafing a bit was it?

Is it one of those strin ones? I think I can see the pegs through it Bob ;o) Very sexy indeed.

does the vest match your baggy y fronts? Do they even make string vest y fronts??? ;o)

Hey fool

What u talking about fool
Question Author
yeah i put it back on my neighbours washing line
Bruce Willis looks fabulous in a vest :)
Question Author
yes kick i always match :) your thinking mr muscle advert arnt you rubes :)
oooh, Bob, you could set up your own cyber s3x line with this sort of chat, you'd make a fortune :o) what colour is your matching set Bob? Is it (gasps in anticipation) grey by any chance? (swoon)
Question Author
cerise :)
get that bow tie back on and go singing in the rain......

to match your eyes.........perfect! ;o)

there is so much i could type here :) x

hello carla;) Me too but i am a good girl
if only you would Carla :o) how are you btw?
helloooo kick and dot x x if ab had a news of the world scandal section i would sell it to them :) x
Dot, how much lobbying do you think it might take before AB Ed agreed to that?
Question Author

dont you dare tell them i own y fronts!

I don't do carpentry

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im wearing a vest tonight

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