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I Don't Know What To Do

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:Ace: | 21:44 Fri 19th May 2006 | Body & Soul
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Me and my female best friend have been best friends for years, but yesterday I told her just how much I have fallen for her and how much I love her as I couldn't keep my feelings locked up any longer.

However, this didn't go down quite as I expected, she now feels like "a self obsessed bitch" for not realising it, and our friendship has became very awkward, as I expected it to.

I've told her that i'm sorry that i've wrecked our friendship but I had to tell her because I couldn't bear to see her hurt by another lad again.

I asked her how she felt about me and she told me "to be honest, i don't know".

What can I do? I literally NEED her. I need to sort things out with her.

Please help,




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I think you need to give her time. She obviously will have a lot to think about. Send a text saying you understand she needs to think things through, but also she must be honest with you about how she feels.
i know how you fel mate....its a b*stard, isnt it? Just give her time... chin up


invite her round and sit and watch Sleepless in Seattle with her.
get a shag out of her at the very least bit like a consolation goal while 4-0 down in a league cup tie

yeah give her time

Fingers crossed she realises what you are offering, and then you can take it from there

probably slowly at first

Well done for laying your cards on the table though...

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Thank You, I just hope it happens.
fair play for rating me lol ive been where you are and if its meant to be then it will happen
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I rated you because it made me laugh lol, Don't think i'll be taking your advice bob, well, not yet anyway ;-)
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Little update:

I text her before and just got a reply saying that she doesn't see anything happening between us as she see's me as more of a friend. least i know now huh?

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I REALLY feel for you....i've been on both ends of this (the ''in love and the loved''!). It's so hard. All i can say that whatever happens, good friendships never die. It may take a while but it will get back to normal.
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I hope so.
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Thank you Roaldo. Means a lot
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Thanks RoaldoM. You have helped, Now I'm just trying to salvage a friendship.

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I Don't Know What To Do

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