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legs swelling!

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mousey9t | 20:30 Fri 19th May 2006 | Body & Soul
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been having trouble with my feet and ankles swelling up for the last few weeks which in itself doesnt sound that much of a prob, today ive come home from work and not only are my feet and ankles double there size the swelling has now gone up past my knees! my legs feel heavy and uncomfortable and when you push in the skin it leaves big dents! should i be worried?or is this just water retention?



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If the dents remain for a few seconds, it is a condition called pitting oedema whch can be secondary to a number of things. Are you breathless at all? (more than normal).

I would recommend a trip to your gp, who may prescribe a diuretic (water tablet).

In the mean time, sit with your feet up as much as possible and sleep with a pillow at your feet to raise them at night.

I have had the same problem for the last few months, when i wake in morning my face is also swollen been to gp and have had every test in the book now waiting for hospital tests, the doctor has given me water tablets to take and these help so please see your gp as pitting edema can have under lying causes

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legs swelling!

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