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henrys202020 | 12:28 Thu 13th Jun 2024 | Body & Soul
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why  are  flowers always  associated   with  funerals



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People send them as a mark of respect/remembrance.  Do you really not know that?

They are associated with other things too,  such as weddings.


Besides if instead you sent ice-creams to a funeral, they'd all have melted by the time folk got out of the service.

flowers are not associated with funerals.

i have some lovely flowers in my garden atm, i do not think of funerals when i look at them

They aren't.

Valentines Day, Remembrance Sunday, weddings, births and birthdays, anniversaries, thank you, get well, sorry, just because...

Gardens, meadows, hedgerows.

There are flowers for all occasions and every day.

There were lots of flowers placed as tributes to Rob Burrow; would he not preferred them to give the money to the MND charity instead?

I don't know. Would he?

I don't associate flowers with a funeral in fact I associate them with the happiness and life.  
I wonder if you mean - why are flowers given at a funeral? 


I don't want any flowers at my funeral.  I love flowers but would rather have them when I'm alive to appreciate them.

Lily family flowers give my asthma a happy time!  Hyacinth, daffs, those star ones, all of them set me off coughingand wheezing.  I have told my daughter that I want my coffin piled high with cut members of the lily family..... that'll teach them and they won't be able to affect me!

of course flowers are associated with funerals, so much so that the survivors have to specifically request that none be brought if they don't like them. They are associated with many other things, of course, but in early days they masked the smell of a decaying body.

President Andrew Jakcson's funeral was said to have been rather odoriferous. Also, his parrot was there and had to be removed because it swore so much. Allegedly.

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