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Testing Email

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henrys202020 | 20:24 Wed 12th Jun 2024 | Body & Soul
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testing  email



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Did it pass ?

Like OG..... the tension here is great!

Come on henrys20 etc.... let us in on the mystery.....

dunno what this is about but - if you have a fake address in your contacts, if it gets bounced you will know that your email has been hacked?

You're keeping this Body & Soul section going henry.

Have you changed your email address on your profile and just tested you can still log in and post?

Well, if you sent one to me Henry I'd reply because I'm as bored as a plank and have nothing better to do 😏

Question Author

sorry  about  the  annoying  email

It's exciting stuff these days, henrys202020. Can't wait

for the next installment!  :)

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Testing Email

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