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Are Trainers Ok For Long Walks?

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piggynose | 23:57 Fri 24th May 2024 | Body & Soul
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I do a lot of walking! And I'm due to change my trainers! My question is are trainers suitable for walking ? If not what's the alternative? 




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08.50 Dave i just wanted some opinions. It just dawned on me that I'd been wearing the same pair of trainers pre-covid, about 2019, and was wondering why my feet were a little painful, and why I could feel the smallest rock when walking. I had a look at my trainers, the soles were completely smooth !!!!

Without further ado, i went to Decathlon this morning and bought a new pair( cross between a trainer Andy walking shoe! Sorted! 

Btw I only tend to walk on flat surfaces, eg coastal paths.

Thanx folks for Ur input .

Togo; I can't imagine wearing things like that. Instead of your toes bending as they should do, it looks as if the whole foot just rocks with the shape of the curved sole ?

standard trainers are ok for a few miles but for serious ball of chalk you want a proper pair of daisies.

Then your "imagination" is misleading you. Great walking trainers and comfy. Waterproof versions are available but I am not a fan of those. 

That is what the Brashers are/were for TTT. As I get older though the walks get shorter. πŸ₯ΎπŸ‘Ÿ 

I doubt I will ever do the Portreath to Perranporth clifftips and beach walk ever again now. I did that in a pair of Merrel trainers a couple of times and once in a pair of Merrel sandals. 

A friend and I walked up the River Severn from mouth at the Severn Bridge to its source on Plynlimmon North Wales, and back down the Wye which also rises up there & ends not far from the same place. It took twenty years, - 2 days at a time.

All recorded by my friend (r.i.p.) who was a well known writer, for a national journal. Great memories !  πŸ˜

//A friend and I walked up the River Severn/

deffo need waterproof boots for that!😁

^^ We kept to the footpaths - πŸ˜ƒ.  Many are kept walkable by the use of anglers, but deep grass can be very wet, as I'm sure you know.

walking through wet grass seems to penetrate footwear more than anything else

Piggy lives in Spain so walking in wet grass probably isn't an issue.

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Are Trainers Ok For Long Walks?

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