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Shortage Of Adhd Medication.

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dave50 | 09:35 Sat 20th Apr 2024 | Body & Soul
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There was an article on BBC news this morning about this and they interviewed an 18 year old girl and she was saying she wouldn't be able to cope with her exams without her medication which I find rather disturbing. Apparently more and more people are being diagnosed with this. It would be interesting if they could be given placebos without them knowing, see what happens. 



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sorry wrong place x

I believe that you are right.  The dependence on medication is possibly more psychological than physical.  

I'm sure there are placebo studies in existence but the results would be difficult to access without the necessary authorisation.  

I agree Dave, but it probably transgresses some rule unless specifically registered as part of a medical trial.

If you Google "placebo studies adhd" lots of results come up. For example this meta analysis of 94 studies...,the%20severity%20of%20ADHD%20symptoms.

Obviously it's a consideration...but not everyone will respond to placebos. That's another study!

More and more people are being diagnosed with whatever's flavour of the month.

I'm happy to have grown up before they were all invented.


Another syndrome to excuse bad behaviour. Yes of course there are genuine cases but most of them are just unruly little bar stewards that need a kick up the April. Usually it's the parents trying to blame anything but themselves or their little darling.

10:51, yes bang on, no such thing when I was a saucepan.

> ADHD symptom improvement with placebo has markedly increased over the last 2 decades and is greater in the United States than the rest of the world.

I do think there's something going on in the last 50 years or so, that's getting worse. Probably lots of different factors, but my favourite villain is ultraprocessed (ie junk) food fed from birth onwards. And who consumes the most of that? Americans.

There are psychosomatic methods of calming (for example, NLP technologies)! Which often (not always) help in very difficult situations, but to put it in simple words, it’s better to start with breathing control, it should be smooth and calm, and then you can get an excellent result for calming even in the most stressful situations!

I saw that interview as well and also found it very disturbing. I also looked up the drug that the girl was unable to get. The common side effects of it are horrendous, especially a particular prevalence of anorexia-type symptoms. 

These are mind-altering drugs that are being prescribed to young people who, essentially are simply a little different to some others and have some anxieties and worries when coping with veryday life. They should not be prescribed drugs. They just need a little help to cope with what life throws at all of us. 

"10:51, yes bang on, no such thing when I was a saucepan."

Nor me. We couldn't afford it, Tora!  😀

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Shortage Of Adhd Medication.

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