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jourdain2 | 21:56 Fri 09th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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20 yrs. ago I had a r-hip replacement (in France). I suspected it was beginning to wear when, in autumn 2023, I had to have private physio to free-up some cartilege caught in it.  All well after that and regular physio keeping me walking comfortably. On 11th Jan I visited a very old, wheelchair-bound lady (as I try to do every week) and sat in her ancient, saggy armchair with thighs on the wooden frame.

When I tried to get up - I screamed.  It was agony, all thigh muscles were writhing as if in calf-type cramp.    Anyway I was v. careful for a few days and limped around until it got so bad that I saw a GP beginning Feb. She sent an urgent request for an X-ray, which I had last Mon..  The radiologists telephoned the result through because it is bad.  The ball of the joint is OK. The liner, which was cemented to my pelvis, has partially pulled away - taking some bone with it. 

Tel. consultation with GP  on Wed. resulted in urgent request to Orthopaedics and a phone-call yesterday making appt. for the 26th Feb.!  I am worsening daily, in terrible pain, can scarcely drag myself around the house and worried about what more damage I may be inflicting on my pelvis.  Painkillers prescribed do not work.

The GP did say that I mustn't quote her, but I could go to A&E for swifter action.  Trouble is that about this time last year I took OH and we sat for 20 hrs. in a cold corridor- I simply couldn't face that.  Daughter has said she will take me on Mon. if I wish.

So, do I try to tough it out (serious pain and inability to walk) or risk a long, agonising wait?  Thanks all.



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Try calling 111 and explaining that you're in severe pain.  I've managed to get an emergency appointment at Ipswich Hospital (around this time of the evening too) by calling 111 when I was worried about a medical problem.

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I'd not thought of  that, thanks, Buen.  Daughters arriving tomorrow a.m. so could take me.

Oh dear, I do sympathise. I would go and get it sorted out as soon as you can. I would take up your daughter's offer. Pain is so debilitating. I wish you well.

sorry to hear of that news Jourdain - hope you get seen to quickly.

No way can you wait until 26th - unrelieved agony is so debilitating.  I hope the 111 solution works.

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Thanks everyone.  It's a tricky one.  OH isnearly 91 and although he would be furious to be told so, he is beginning to  fail in all sorts of little ways - so it's bad for me to be away anyway - but worse if I'm hanging around and he's trying to 'carry me' if you see  what I mean.  I've shown him how to use the new oven and hotplate tonight.

I'll talk it over with daughters tomorrow - but they live too far away to be on the spot.  My appointment is at Bridlington hospital, which is nearest and easiest  to reach - and has also got a very good review re. orthopaedics.  A&E is Scarborough - which isn't so good (they are a centre for Cardiac work).  I don't know if they'd transfer me to Brid..

Question Author

Canary - no I can't wait until the 26th.  Glad you understand.  I think the 111 solution is likely to be the best idea.  I'll try to  hang on until Monday when it is likely to be quieter.  Thanks.

Don't wish to add to your concerns but next junior doctors strike is scheduled for that last week of Feb so expedite your appt if you can because it may well get cancelled

Best wishes, Jourdain. Terrible for you to be in constant pain. Good luck with 111.

Jourdain, phone Bridlington Hospital on Monday and try and speak to that department.  See if they can escalate matters due to the fact that a) you cannot walk b) you are in constant and serious pain and c) you are the main carer for Mr J.  If you can get to an appointment at short notice say that you will accept a cancellation.  If you can get the name of someone to whom you can go direct it can often turn things round.  If care for Mr J is an issue, see if Adult Social Services can help.  They might help with interim assistance for him or making it plain to the hospital that this cannot wait.

Mr BM waited for 2 years for his op - to cut a long story short, he made a complaint and then got the name of the person in the department who dealt with lists.  Within 7 days of him creating hell, he had a date (and his was nowhere near as serious as yours).

Good luck.  I do feel for you.  I have lived with a person in pain for over two years and it has worn me out, never mind him.

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Barmaid, thank you so very much!  Younger daughter is a teacher, but is on half-term next week so could come over (48 miles).  The direct approach sounds very promising.  Thank you again.

Question Author

Justto let you all know.  I moved awkwardly this morning and it was agony.  Younger daughter has insisted on taking me into A&E this aft..  We'll see what happens, but I'd better pack a bag in case.  Fingers crossed that all ends well. 😀

I'm crossing all of the crossable parts of my body for you, Jourdain2!

Question Author

Thanks Buen - I got that in Hosp.& tried to reply but events dictate different tack.

Hope you get sorted Jourdain.

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