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Diarrhoea Caused By Course Of Tablets

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Mags22 | 19:43 Fri 09th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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Short term course of antibiotics and steroid tablets are causing diarrhoea, is it safe to take Imodium tablets please? 



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I tend to go with 'better out than in' as a rule.
19:55 Fri 09th Feb 2024

"Use anti-diarrheal medications with caution

In some cases, antidiarrheal medications like loperamide (Imodium) may be effective at relieving your symptoms. However, speak to your doctor before using these medications.

In some cases, using antidiarrheal medications may slow the time it takes for your body to get rid of toxins in your digestive tract. This can prolong your condition and may put you at risk for complications."

Source (which is a reputable one, in my opinion):

If it was me, I'd seek the advice of a pharmacist.  Some supermarket pharmacies are still open at this time, so that might be the place to try.  (For example, the Asda pharmacy in Stowmarket doesn't close until 9pm this eveining.  I don't know whether or not the pharmacist could advise you over the phone but it might be worth a try: 01449 778510)

I would phone a pharmacy who I'm sure would know.  They will need  to know what the tablet's are. 

In other words, I agree with Buenchico.

I tend to go with 'better out than in' as a rule.

Doctors usually not keen

but it is YOU and not a lab rat

I prefer yog BUT I agree, bum can get sore.

Question Author

Thanks folks, you all seem to be of the same mind,so I'll excercise caution as I thought I should 

I take Metformin(as I am Type 2 diabetic) but they can cause(and do with me) diarrehea. 

My GP said it was OK to take Imodium,to counteract the side effects of the Metformin.

So hopefully they might help with your antibiotic and steroid problems.

Try and get the Imodium"Instants" they melt on the tongue,and seem to work quicker than the standard Imodium.

They come in 6 tablet,12 tablet, and 18 tablet packs.

The 18 are only available from a pharmacy,but the 6 and 12 are over the counter, in the medical shelves of the supermarket.

Nosey, I have to say my experience of the Instants is that they work quickly - but they sometimes stop working equally quickly.


They have always worked well for me,but of course everybody's body is different!

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Diarrhoea Caused By Course Of Tablets

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