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What Would You Think Of A Guy With Pink Nails?

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honeybunnyyy | 08:18 Mon 29th Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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Saw this guy with long pink nails today, thoughts?



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No thoughts at all because it is his choice what he wears and how he wears it.


I would think 'euuughhhh' because long nails gives me the heebie jeebies - it makes no difference if it is a man or woman with long nails, I hate them.   Varnished or not, they turn my stomach.  Can't help it.

Hello sailor....hey, look folks, I’m an individual.

Probably a builder on his way to the next job

This is nothing new, honeybunny.  In the glamrock heyday of the 70s men wore nail varnish, make up, high heels, dandyish clothes and nobody batted an eyelid.

Think Marc Bolan, David Bowie, Wizzard

In the 80s we had the new romantics, outdandying the glamrockers with very fancy clothes, elaborate make up and flouncing - Adam and the Ants, Spandeau Ballet, Boy George.

I nearly forgot the goths and steam punks.

It's sad that you think a man with pink nail varnish is unusual.  As Cole Porter said in the 1930s - anything goes.

They were probably false.

One of the male presenters of Place in the Sun often wears black nail polish on the show, and feminine necklaces.

He wears it well

My only thought is why did you think this worth posting. 

Barry @ 14:32...I've never noticed that. Shows how much I take notice of such things.

When I do, it's curiosity over what may be an interesting and individual look.

The first thing I think of is people who plead poverty (and there are many who are genuinely needy) yet many spend money on unnecessary things. 

I wouldn't think anything. It's a free world.

What did you think Honeybunnyyy?

Pasta, Lee Juggurnauth

As I hate long painted nails on anybody, I would think it looks horrible.  But each to his/her own.  

I would just think I should mind my own business.

If the nails were short then that's fine.  But long nails to me are really ugly.  It's great that blokes experiment with their look.  If you lived through the 70s you wouldn't  bat an eyelid.  I loved those years

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What Would You Think Of A Guy With Pink Nails?

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