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foggyfoggy | 21:53 Wed 24th Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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bought  an  item  on  ebay  got  no  email  conformation looked  in  buying  history     no  recent  one  there would  that  mean  the  order  did  not  go  through thank u



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I'd contact the seller. Is the item still available? 

What payment method did you use henry? You could check the card or PayPal to see if the payment has been processed.

I get a confirmation email when I buy something on eBay 

Have you changed email provider recently? Maybe the one on ebay isn't up to date

Same as Hopkirk - and I'm an avid Ebay user/seller. If I buy anything I always get a confirmation email. Plus if you go into your 'My EBay' it will show you your account and all your purchases.

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