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Painful Shoulder Joint

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dave50 | 09:55 Thu 25th Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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When I reach up or down for something my shoulder joint is very painful for a couple of minutes then it subsides and the goes away. Normally it is fine, no pain. Anybody any ideas please?



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Maybe frozen shoulder??

Im convinced I have one but as it doesn't really impact my life much, Ive never seen anyone about it and hope it will just go away eventually.

Not got an answer to what it is but, I've always dismissed these rub in ointments, not any longer I use Ibuprofen gel. Just take a little time to rub it in well. Its a lot cheaper also compared to one thats advertised a lot on TV, can't think of the name just now.

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Thank you all.

If it persits then get it looked at.  I ended up having an operation to correct mine which inclded removing some of the collar bone. Luckily I had private health care at the time but the NHS should look at it too.

I paid about £400 for anaesthetic/steroid injections for a frozen shoulder which cured it immediately.

My GP said it wasn't a frozen shoulder & steroid injections were not available on the NHS - So why on the TV "GPs Behind Closed Doors" do they show them doing steroid injections at the GP surgery? Bloomin disgrace!

GPs behind closed doors? They show a lot of what don't happen now on that program. But eh, made for TV, no problems in the TV surgery. You can have half an hour ( not 5mins) explaining your problems. :0)

They're available on the NHS round here, Davebro, and are done in GP surgery or day case unit at local hospital. I had two in November. You're obviously with the wrong GP!

I get them from my gp no problem. Steroid injection into my joints lasts awhile too.

I was offered steroid injection under the NHS for Tenosynovitis (in elbow) some years ago, but it went away before my hospital appointment so I cancelled (in advance I hasten to add).

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Painful Shoulder Joint

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