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Difficult Dingbat

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Cmburns | 13:44 Tue 02nd Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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Please help. Can't for the life of me figure this out. 



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Just what the doctor ordered
19:12 Tue 02nd Jan 2024

Alphabet soup ? ? ? ? ? ?

Maybe you would get more response if you posted in Quizzes and Puzzles rather than Body & Soul.

I am rubbish at dingbats, mallyh is the go to on answerbank, but I can tell you what I thought of. There are some letters in there more than once, and some have been left out.

Letters out might =   Let us out ???

can't think of any thing better than canary 

The letters are in alphabetical order, but why are some repeated, especially T?

There must be some significance to the particular group of letters, but I cannot see it

Just what the doctor ordered

Well done, Barry!


Well done barry, how did you figure that one out? did you use an anagram solver?

That was pure genius , barry, well done!

No, I found the clue on the internet and that told me it is a well known phrase or saying.  I tried to find words that used the J, then tried the W and it fell in.

well done great answer x

I think you should seriously reconsider the "best answer" award, seeing how Barry has given you the correct answer  :)

Just in case anyone doesn't understand, "just what the doctor" is an anagram of ACDEHHJOORSTTTTUW .... it needs to be ordered, giving you the answer "just what the doctor ordered".

Great answer, I'd never have got that  :)

Question Author

Brilliant. Thank you so much it was driving me mad!

I honestly believe this is the best answer I've seen in a very long time.

Well done, barry.

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Difficult Dingbat

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