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nailedit | 22:25 Sat 02nd Dec 2023 | Body & Soul
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How long after switching off life support will a patient last before dying?

My 41 year old nephew, who ive always been very close to, has been in intensive care for a few weeks. He's spina bifida and was blue lighted to hospital with bleeding kidneys and other issues were discovered while there. he's had ganerine, a spot on his liver was discovered, he's had a trachonomony etc. Numerous scans and he's unconcious. Doctors have now informed his mum (my sister) that theres nothing left that they can do and will be switching off his life support.

Obviously we are all devestated.

I know it sounds morbid but im curious as to how quick a patient passes away after life support is withdrawn?




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Thank you all.

I was with my nephew when he passed at 3:15 this afternoon. 

I've never been with anyone while they've died.

He passed peacefully approximately 3 1/2 hours after life support withdrawn.

So sorry for your loss, wiz.  You brought a tear to my eye. Much love. X

I'm glad you were there to see his peaceful, pain-free passing. Take extra care of yourself in your sorrow. x

So sorry for your loss, Nailit. It's very soon after your rehab, so please make sure you look after yourself.

sorry to hear this Nailit

Sorry to read of this nailedit...I'm glad your nephew was surrounded by those who cared for him.

I have been there for the death of both parents and can say it gave  me closure which was a good thing.  I know some people couldnt or wouldn't do it do it, but I think it's great your nephews family were around him.  It would be good to think he may have know you were all there.  Condolences to you all.

I was with my Mum when she died, Nailedit. She had morphine & muscle relaxants. She had a peaceful ending. Wishing you inner strength to deal with this x


Strength, nailedit ...

sorry to hear that, nailedit.

Look after yourself please.

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