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-SharonA- | 18:55 Thu 19th May 2022 | Body & Soul
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I have been diagnosed with a cataract in my left eye today. I noticed it a couple of months ago when my vision became like trying to see through a net curtain.
I have to return to the optician for eye drops with the possibility of surgery later on.
The very thought of an operation on my eyes makes me go weak as I once nearly fainted when I took my mum to have her blocked tear drop duct cleared out.
Do you have cataract(s)????


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Not any more. It was a very simple operation, no pain, no discomfort, won't get any better without an op, so go for it. Good luck x
No need to worry about the operation. You won’t feel it and you’ll be able to see properly after.
Sharon; I've had both eyes done. The first time the local optician tried to check my eye pressures my body nearly fainted (although my conscious mind was telling me not to be silly). My mum was a nurse, and I have memories of her explaining that sometimes you could pop an eyeball out to check if there was anything at the back causing irritation. That memory stayed deep in me, hence the fainting feeling when the optician approached my eye with his harmless gadget.
When in later life I had to be checked out and was eventually operated on, I saw it as something I had to cope with as a grown-up; something that was really happening and that I would have to make the most of it.
The actual operation on my first eye was completely painless and I coped with it by relaxed breathing and breath-counting and with the help of a beautiful honey-skinned nurse who held my hand throughout in case I needed to give her a squeeze to let her know that I was still alive and needed to communicate.
I didn't feel a thing and was fascinated to see what was happening (albeit without a lens, so out of focus for a while).
The second eye was a while later and was just the same.
I imagine it sounds scary, but I am a huge coward and I managed to get through it without any pain or panic.
Try not to be afraid. It's not as bad as it sounds.
Best wishes.
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Thank you Atheist.
Sharon, listen to everyone on here, it is completely painless, don’t worry. But for goodness sake don’t have Multi Faceted Lenses. A cousin of mine had these done (privately’) and now her eyes are so sensitive to lights she has to wear sunglasses even in restaurants.
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Smurf, advice taken on board.
Had both my cataracts done about six months apart. Excellent result and you dont feel a thing, well I didn’t anyway. You have put lots of drops in your eyes for a while, but you get used to it. The drop part is only for a while. Well worth having done
the NHS's most successful operation. I had mine done under a general anaesthetic but most people don't. You'll notice the difference when it's done. Go for it.
sister had her one eye done about 2 weeks ago and she went on her own as the hospital was some distance away. Her and I cannot believe how well she has done.

She pretends she doesn't be nervous but is as hell but she says - she never felt a thing. Absolutely marvellous all the way through. So much she says that if she has to get the other eye done - she will get it done. So you will be ok Sharon x
Sharon - I’ve just had both mine done, only in the last few weeks. Honestly like you, I was petrified at the thought of anything messing with my eyes.

Have to say - I did not feel a thing !! And my sight is so much better …can’t speak highly enough of my specialist and the day centre I attended ….the worst part for me was the drops and the fact I can see all the dusty spots in my
home :(
My friend actually had his done in one eye yesterday!! He is an absolute scaredy cat lol, and even he admits it was a doddle! Didn’t feel a thing, had general anaesthetic, woke up with no pain, eye just dressed and lots of drops to take, but that’s it!
the only discomfiture probably comes from the nuts around you, your fellow patients. I took my mother in for hers and there we were in the women's ward with my mother, increasingly louder with the passage of time, telling everybody, "I want a pasty." It became an "I want a bloody pasty" with me telling her to be quiet - okay she hadn't been able to eat from the night before but try telling an Alzheimer's the reasoning! I wouldn't have wanted to be one of the other four women in the other beds though being constantly reminded of this enforced diet.
Just to confirm - my sister didn't have a general anaesthetic - just her eye frozen with drops.
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Thanks all, lots of positive answers. Bring on the operation!!!

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