Walking Or Cycling

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DarceyK123 | 19:20 Thu 19th May 2022 | Body & Soul
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If i were to go to the same place (local shop for example) sometimes i walk, sometimes i cycle.

Which would burn the most calories?
Trying to loose a few pounds, obviously bike gets me there quicker so would that be less calories or would the extra effort of cyling make up for it?
Hope that makes sense!


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I think that cycling is a much easier way to get around that walking - far more efficient. You can whizz along without much effort. If you want to burn calories, then walk briskly.
Walking briskly with arms swinging (power walking) or jogging will burn more calories.

Even moderately fit cyclists can do 70/80+ miles in a day, no way could you do that on foot.
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Oh, thanks, i much prefer cycling but need to lose some weight.
don't buy their cream cakes or bread!
^^^^^^ I would say 2 things about that.
1. It doesn't seem to take account of terrain or continuity of the exercise. You can freewheel quite a bit when cycling outdoors.
2. Cycling is probably better for muscle development (legs) as it's a kind of interval exercise. Unless you live in Norfolk or Holland you will be going up & down hills - so periods of exercise followed by periods of rest.
So many people have been disappointed by lack of weight loss re. exercise, because you really have to do a lot of exercise to even burn 200 cals. I’d say do which you enjoy the most, and focus on reducing calories in order to create a deficit to lose weight.
AND you walk at about 3mph but cycle at 10mph so on a fixed journey you will be walking 3 times as long as cycling.

Yes - cutting down on calorie intake is the real answer. My friend was getting his dog to lose weight - I said "It's easy when someone else is in control of the food supply!"
Walking definitely as the bike has wheels
local shop: walk.

John O'Groats: well, walking will shed more pounds but take you weeks longer, so you might want to factor time as well as distance and terrain into the equation.

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Walking Or Cycling

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