Modern Masculinity

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Khandro | 10:47 Thu 19th May 2022 | Body & Soul
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Men have lower life expectancy than women, and significantly higher suicide rates. They are more likely to be the victims of violence and are falling behind educationally.

Certain "male" behaviours that used to be acceptable no longer are, and many within the younger generation feel lost & even demonized in what they see as an increasingly "feminised" culture.

What's going on?


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As a bona fide male chauvinist with archaic tendencies. I like a woman to be feminine, intelligent, intriguing, and pretty. Some males today blunder from ingratiating servility to arrogant posturing. The role models of yesteryear are thin on the ground. Women seem to me to be changing from enchanting, to confrontational.
23:33 Thu 19th May 2022
Society is going off the rails in umpteen areas. This just being one. I blame the parents & schools. And the rest of the community as well for that matter. Not many of us sane ones left.
//What's going on? //

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naomi //Inclusivity?//

That alone is acceptable, but what we are getting is a sort of asymmetrical inclusivity, whereby more & more opportunities are being weighted towards females.

As OG says there are many factors, one is that a not insignificant number of males are not being brought up in a 'conventional' married two parent home, but in a background of single mothers.

Also the sick teachers who tell very young boys that the choice of growing up as a boy or a girl is up to them, should be sacked, as well as being tarred & feathered.
You're crazy

Athenians complained about this around 400 BC - called a battle winner called Alcibiades back to Athens and banished him.

(night before leaving, had a male stag party and went around A knocking the doo-dahs off the herms - they are statues by the way)
// asymmetrical inclusivity, //

erm - or herm.... isnt inclusivity bound to be asymmetrical?
What's going on is that we are all ageing and the world starts to seem different from the way we remember it. Many oldsters over thousands of years have disliked the way that 'things aren't what they used to be', and considered that the younger generation is not a patch on what it was in their day. PP has pointed this out above.
nothing is going on that hasn't been happening for years - only to women. I can't get excited just because a pendulum has swung the other way for a change.
Khandro; your OP seems to be rasther anti-feminine. Here's a few observations:-
1 I bet that men have always had a lower life expectancy than women, due to their physiological makeup and the more violent role they have played for most of history.
2 Men may be more likely to be the victims of violence, but I bet they are also more likely to be perpetratotrs of violence.
3 When you refer to men falling behind educationally, do you mean that they are being overtaken by women, or that they have in some way stopped being as keen on being educated?
4 What male behaviours are no longer acceptable? Do you think that that's a good or a bad thing?
5 Do you disapporve of an 'increasingly feminised culture'?
6 'What's going on?' The times they are a changin'.
very well put atheist - best answer !
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^^ OMG, I'm gettin' Bob Dylan already
1. childbrith was pretty dangerous to be honest
2.yes - - but not on AB hur hur hur
3. very cultural - - The Ukrainian children are arithmetically advanced but not at problem solving. I cant think of a reputable Indian leddy mathematician possing in the street springs ( geddit?) to mind, beast feeding no dont start....
5. men saying oh dahhhling and kissing in public
6. not fast enought
Oh Khandie - sweetie . ... pun intended,
Zellensky apparently used this in a taunt to Putin

This wasnt used in the war, was it ( no in Germany silly, The luftwaffe was uniformly referred to as the GAF ( German Air force 1940-5) - V as in V1 and V2 was 'revenge' - nicht war?
Boys were falling behind educationally when I was at school, that is nothing new - but even now more men are in senior positions than women; men on average still earn more than women. What's going on?

Thankfully fewer men treat their wives as stand in mothers and are more involved in family life than their father's generation, but still the average woman does far more housework/child rearing than the average man. What's going on?
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But where are the REAL men? (& for that matter, where are the real women?).
If 'inclusivity' means feminised men & masculine women, then deal me out. :0(
Khandro; You ought to define your 'real'. You seem to find modern men and women distasteful but you don't explain what you mean. You won't get a sensible discussion like that.
What is a real man, Khandro?
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#1: Real men don't play lip-service to feminism in order to signal how
virtuous they are in the hope that they gain favour with women.
But do they flatter women to get them in to bed?
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But what concerns me more, is that when I was a boy (I can't speak for girls) my cohort tried very hard to 'get on' & advance themselves, now in the UK, the lowest achievers are white working-class boys, that is very sad.

Everyone on here seems very sanguine about that, dealing out the usual tropes; 'twas ever so' etc. well it just wasn't.

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Modern Masculinity

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