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The Truth Comes Out. How Is Your Body?

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ukanonymous | 07:49 Mon 24th Jan 2022 | Body & Soul
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So basically covid was no more dangerous than the flu? But they made people take a vax and also had to abide by passport laws showing personal information to ener places and not to mention vaccine mandates.
I hope you all didn't take the unnecessary vaccine which has no long yer data?

But my main question is this. Who is still going to have the booster?


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I’m not having it.
Question Author
I said 'no more dangerous than the flue' because approximately 20k people per year die from the flu. But in 3 years we have 17.5k from covid. And what bends my mind is that the average age of death from covid is above the average life expectancy.

Calling the human race sheep these days is an insult to sheep.

Anyway my little girl need 4 vaccines next month. She is going to have them. What I dont understand is why am I labeled as an antivaxer when I don't want unnecessary stuff injected in me which has zero long term data? I am pro vaccine in a big way but because I didn't beleive brain washing and lies I am a conspiracy nut. Hmm. Anyway time to change a stinky nappy hehe
I expect most death certificates list more than one cause of death. Do they test for flu? Maybe you can have both flu & covid.
My 66 year old brother in law had covid in March 2020. Although he was very fit he had it extremely badly and was ill for several weeks. Doctor at the hospital said because he's a runner his lungs were good, he didn't need oxygen and he was better at home. It's now getting on for two years later and he is still not back to his precovid shape. He's back running but can't manage anywhere near the distances he used to, my sister says he's not himself mentally - forgetful, short tempered and generally low. I don't think flu, even a bad case, leaves you like that.

Believe what you want to, I'll believe what I want to. Hopefully omicron is the worst variant we will get now and we can live with it, like flu.
PS. To answer the OP I would think that the people who the booster benefits most have already had it. Anyone else who doesn't want it I hope they don't get sick.
Question Author
Roopower sorry to hear that. did he have the vaccine?
I find one of the most scary things about the pandemic is that anti vaxxers have children. Poor little beggars.
//20k people per year die from the flu. But in 3 years we have 17.5k from covid.//

I don't think that adds up - 20k pa die from flu AND other associated morbidity, 75K pa died from covid and other associated morbidity. Very few otherwise healthy people will have died from flu alone whereas lots died from covid.
Like Murraymints I Had covid before vaccines
Still have residual effects 2 years later ( long covid ) I was 62 when I caught it and a regular gym goer, and swimmer. I accept that for most young people it is of little consequence but from middle age onwards not old age the risks of long covid increase. That alone should be enough to make the vaccine a worthwhile risk.
I am better now than I was but I think I have got about as good as I am going to get now which is a distressing thought.
facts are if you get vaccinated youre less likely to be in hospital from covid its all easy to say oh it ent that bad but that just tells me youre lucky not to have friends or family end up in hospital with covid or worse actually dead
its not just death to be worried from its long covid etcc all things the vaccine will help prevent
UKanon, he had covid before vaccines were available, pretty much at the start of it all. He has now had all three vaccines.
I think the video is very informative and should not be removed. I have had both vaccines and the booster and i would have done so even had i watched the video beforehand. Then again, i am over 65 and have Type 2 Diabetes.
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There is some extremely odd moderation going on this morning

Why are posts being removed that reference the Editor ?

Can I request the Editor contact me about this please via email ?
Stickybottle, if you want a reply from the Ed then send him an e-mail with your thoughts on the matter,
I will do exactly that danny

Seems odd for a mod or whoever to remove answers with links to previous censure that happened on the site
Perhaps you should post it again, sticky. The mod in question might not have thought it through properly. It happens ...
I had the two, then because of very severe after effects, refused any more.

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