Many Outbreaks Of Corona Virus In January Carehomes

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ukanonymous | 09:23 Wed 03rd Feb 2021 | Body & Soul
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I saw a post on Facebook but I verified each picture by googling it. In January there were a lot of corona case deaths in carehomes like a large amount died at once. Seams like they all had the vaccine and then was hit by this new variant. So is it the new deadly variant who killed them or the vaccine. Seams like the new variant came along just in the nic of time.

Personally I think that changing the cellular process in your body is more genetic engineering and should not really be called a vaccine but thats just me.

This reminds me of Logans Run in a way.


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There has been plenty of evidence for what UKanon is saying. You people calling him/her names know nothing about this (including the ABed) The reason I know you know nothing is the people in the UK tasked with collecting post vaccination information have already stated they're not releasing it. (yet if ever) They are going to collate it, assess it and then...
12:21 Wed 03rd Feb 2021
the VACCINE does what the body is designed to do which is teach its immune systems about a new threat. The way that the vaccine is constructed may be different but it does the same job. It is no more genetic engineering than the body's own natural defence against getting a second cold or attack of norovirus from the same variation of the relevant virus. There are no changes made to your genes so how can it be genetic engineering? Do keep up!
With approx 10 million people having had a vaccine I think there would be a lot more cases if it was causing the disease. Get real!
I think this post calls for a proper link or it will seriously run the risk of falling foul of the advice about Covid misinformation.
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Logans Run my second favourite after The Time Machine.

A vaccine is a vaccine, it uses the bodies natural 'biological defence systems' to build up resistance and protect against an 'attacking' virus. Genetic engineering is what it says on the tin, engineering carried out by us humans to modify genes.. look up genetics and DNA for further information. ;O)
ok....Tin Hats on everyone!
"I saw a post on Facebook but I verified each picture by googling it"
that made me laugh a bit :)
Your choice is simple - when it comes to your turn, just do what's right for you, as everyone else will be doing
Looked at one link. They died before Christmas. Does it say they all had the vaccinne- couldnt see that
Ukanon,you are such a ray of sunshine in these difficult times :0/
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Bednobs glad this makes you laugh.

Roomba a calcium e in my eyes is putting a but of the dead virus to trigger an immune response into the body...

Dna codes what mrna does yet we are injecting it and with a mrna man in the middle attack in my eyes. For me its genetic engineering. I did a level biology actually got an A :) but that was 5 years ago now so I forgot quite a lot
Nobody is disputing the increase in care home deaths in January. There was a lot more mixing allowed in december even if it wasn't as much as was expected. Sadly care home residents are among the frailest in our society. Its nothing to do with genetic engineering!
"I did a level biology actually got an A :) but that was 5 years ago now so I forgot quite a lot"

no poo sherlock?
None of the links you have provided say that anyone died or even contracted the virus after getting the vaccine. Add to that, "Generally the protection from the virus starts after 12-14 days" according to BHF:

So someone could still get the virus after having the first dose but before it becomes effective. Furthermore, the first dose alone provides good but not complete protection, which is why we need two. Your attempts to link the vaccine with deaths are tenuous at best and irresponsible at worst and I'll thank you for not spreading misinformation on this forum.
Thanks, AB Editor.

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Many Outbreaks Of Corona Virus In January Carehomes

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