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The Truth Comes Out. How Is Your Body?

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ukanonymous | 07:49 Mon 24th Jan 2022 | Body & Soul
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So basically covid was no more dangerous than the flu? But they made people take a vax and also had to abide by passport laws showing personal information to ener places and not to mention vaccine mandates.
I hope you all didn't take the unnecessary vaccine which has no long yer data?

But my main question is this. Who is still going to have the booster?


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//Don't understand. which two are you referring to?//

See my answer @13:15, Danny.
Ah! thanks NJ.
// When does any Covid information get removed from AB, emmie?//

when it is misinformation - such as flu = covid, the vaccine contains Madonny chips and so on

He is treating ONS information as gospel and it is only as good as the doctors filling them out

1.Having said that excess deaths ( first part of the viddie) he THEN looks at Covid only deaths ( which he has already said, it not nearly as good as excess deaths )

2. uses average as a statistic - mean doesnt even singify 1/2 above and 1/2 below ( that is median )

3. why hasnt the media taken this up
because their understanding of stats is worse than the ABer which is terminal

4. Karol SIkorla - used to be at Royal Marsden - prof of oncology who is clearly NOT a statistician
He has ignored ( covered in other threads ) that if you have cancer you may be more adviersely affected )( covid may kill you wiv cancer)

Ukanon - do the experiment - and go unvaccinated
I am not ( unvaccinated - yes yes I know a double negative
no one is gonna fire you.....

put your self and your family at risk, I dont mind at all
-- answer removed --
// As far as the vaccine goes, I know of nobody who has died from Covid. I know two people who died and had it entered on their death certificates //

oh I do..... ( croak from covid)
and NJ ya nardy bye - if doctors have fraudulently filled out death certificates - then dob them into the police !

oh no no - NJ says - they just put a cause on that I didnt like......

COVID news latest - live updates: Expert debunks claims about 'true' coronavirus death toll

"Coronavirus latest as the UK is warned against scrapping self-isolation; WHO says Europe could be reaching pandemic "endgame"; an expert has debunked claims about the "true" UK COVID death toll being 17,371 rather than 157,816."
A link to a very effective debunking of the 'only 17,000 deaths' nonsense :

"As a final comment, there was absolutely no need for anyone to have FOIed this data. It was already in the public domain, published quarterly here:"

"I think it says a lot about the kind of person making these arguments that rather than go and look for the data to answer a question, their first resort of just to send an FOI request demanding somebody provide it to them on a plate."
I did say most, danny. Probably should have added 'in my experience'.
I tend to hang around with nice people on t'internet, normally.
Thanks to the totally unbiased and fair aBBC reporting I didn't actually catch what the protest was about.
I watched the other videos that came up, lol.
Anti-vaccine groups are a front for Tommy Robinson and extreme far right thugs who will go on to launch disgustingly violent racist attacks on anyone in a minority.
Who knew?
Who watches the drivel the aBBC pumps out and thinks they are being informed.
//because their understanding of stats is worse than the ABer which is terminal//

I trust you don’t include me in that, Peter.

//oh no no - NJ says - they just put a cause on that I didnt like......//

NJ didn’t say that at all. What NJ said was that he knows of two people who died during the period of the pandemic. They both had Covid on their death certificates. One of them certainly didn’t have it – she’d never been tested. The other contracted it whilst in hospital. Neither of them died “of” or “because of” Covid. One of them (the one who had not been tested) was 95 years old with multiple health problems and could have died of anything, at any time. The other had been given a terminal prognosis in November 2019, being told she was “unlikely to see the following summer.” As predicted, she died in May 2020 a couple of weeks or so after being admitted to hospital critically ill. She tested negative upon admission but caught the virus in hospital shortly before she died. The virus played no part in her death as her husband had been told she only had days to live about a week earlier. It wasn’t for me to like or dislike what was on her death certificate.
Some things are worse than death like not being able to breath or watching your family member be put into a coma because they need to go on ventilation not knowing if they will see the other side death can be seen as a sweet release compared to some illnesses

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