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queenofmean | 10:21 Thu 16th Dec 2021 | Body & Soul
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I have a small one on the side of my necks which just recently appeared - I initially thought it was a spot and started to scratch it unintentionally.

It’s at a spot where it catches on everything and it’s actually quite painful.

If I call my gp will they remove it? I’ve had them frozen off before and I’ve accidentally shaved a few off from my underarm with no issues but I feel this one is a bit different - no I don’t plan on shaving my neck by the way.

Any other suggestions on making it a bit more comfortable in the mean time.


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There are two ways you can remove them. You can tie a piece of cotton around the base tightly and after a few days, it will drop off or you can buy some stuff online for removing them (sorry can't remember what it's called). You 'paint' it on and after a short time, it will drop off. I had one once and used the paint on stuff. I didn't fancy tying cotton around it. To make it stop catching on things, you could put a small plaster over it in the meantime.
not usually.
I also have just had a few frozen off from under my arm, one of which also was quite painful and kept catching on my bra. I went to a dermotologist, but I imagine your GP can do it. I could do it if I had a can of that stuff that freezes them !
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Burly - it crossed my mind with the cotton…but it’s kinda small. I’ll have a look though see if I can find the ‘paint’.

I had a couple of those too Samuraisan - horrid little things when a bra is involved. But it is painful. If you had some I’d fully accept your assistance in removing, anything with a collar drives me batty and it’s too cold for tees.

Bednobs - I think because I’m a high risk for infection I’m sort of catch 22 - they’d probably want it off safely rather than me doing something to make it risky.
Actually you can buy it from chemists, try Cryotag.
i said "not usually" and i stand by that. However, there's nothing to stop you trying, and the worst they can say is no. Obvs you GP knows more about your medical history/currency than me so give her a go
ps the plaster thing that shirley suggested will work in the meantime
Is it REALLY bothering you that much?
If it is just an annoyance, then just leave well alone but if you are bothered then either of the above suggestions is suitable.
sqad it must be sore

It’s at a spot where it catches on everything and it’s actually quite painful

Not sure what I had growing between bridge of nose and corner of inside eye. It was a tiny wart thingy sticking out. I was reading on line of similar things, can't remember what they were called, but so.e people rubbed our lemon juice on them twice a day and they dried up and fell off.
So I gave it a try, as I was fed up with seeing this thing. Anyway, after 5 days, I rubbed it gently and it fell off!
I would try with GP (if you can even get an appointment) but don't be surprised if they fob you off. My mother had quite a few on her neck and she had to go privately (considered only a cosmetic need).
I sat for an hour once in a very crowded hospital waiting room waiting to see a skin consultant about a sebaceous ball on my cheek which ruined an otherwise near perfect complexion :-) When I went he almost crossly said you can't get that done on the NHS. Then handed me a piece of paper with his phone number on and said call my secretary and I'll do it privately!!!
I'd go with Shirley's. Tight cotton, it will lose circulation, go dark and fall off. It won't bleed, i can't see a risk, even with diabetes.
I've done the tight cotton thing. No problem.
Not m uch use at the moment - BUT in bluebell season you can squeeze bluebell-juice onto them and warts and they do disappear. I laughed at my mum doing this - but it worked!

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