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How To Tell If God Hates You

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Taalemsurt | 22:29 Sun 14th Nov 2021 | Body & Soul
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Lets speak of god's wrath when he sends humanity to crush you mentally and emotionaly

I had have a verry bad time when everybody attacked me i was wondering is that god or satan
I must note the only thing that i did wrong was drinkin8ng blood "demon blood to be accurate"


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Taal; what is 'demon's blood'?
A high proportion of regular contributors to this site (including me) will tell you that God doesn't exist, Satan doesn't exist and the supernatural doesn't exist.

It's time that you got to grips with reality and put all of this superstitious rubbish behind you.
drinkin8ng blood "demon blood to be accurate"

How much was it and where did you get it from ?
Question Author
Demon blood is blood that us from someone that is possesed by a demon and when you drink hes bloid you gain hes ability and open a portal to lucifer to earth wich creates chaos in the worst way
Question Author
I got it from a website on internet and it was not easy to find
Wow. Do you take it with a dash of Worcester sauce or Tabasco?
Question Author
Best to not drink demon blood after i saw what it did to me its totaly bad news belief me
I loved eating blood.
Question Author
I drink it raw its not that bad
>>> I got it from a website on internet and it was not easy to find

Really? The whole concept is derived entirely from the US television series 'Supernatural':

Stop watching such rubbish and/or reading the content of websites based upon it!
Talk to your doctor.
Haven't a clue about 'Demon's blood' or whatever you are on about. I sincerely don't think God, who is all forgiving, would worry about that because you admit that it was wrong. Whether or not it was is another debate. But God forgives you - has already done so.

I think you need to concentrate on just who the God is that you are worshipping and afraid of. My Christian God would not crush an individual - certainly not one who is trying to find Him.

Life can crush you - God does not and He helps you to find a way through. It's the best I can offer and I sense that I am a lot older than you. Have faith.
^^^ I also think that a chat with your doctor would not come amiss.
Question Author
My doctor does not belief in god or belief anything that comes of my mouth although it's true he is ignorent and i hate him
Question Author
Yeah i know but its real i gone through it and it was no fun, also people that are famous also do such things and do sacrifices its all true. If you want you can try and see what will happen, black magic is also real astral progation too i tried all and they work if you do it proably
If your doctor doesn't believe in god then stick with him....he's a keeper.
There is no satan. All made up by man to torment folk like you.
When I was at college we used to drink Bulls Blood.

It was a Hungarian wine. Quite cheap and strong flavoured.

It did have religious links, because when you woke next day, you took God's name in vain.

I think God definitely hates me because he waited till I threw all my odd socks out before showing me where the missing spare ones were!!
I'm sure God loves you Smow, he/she/it wanted you to have new socks.

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How To Tell If God Hates You

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