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Booster Update Feeling Pretty Rough Is This Normal Or Covid?

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gordiescotland1 | 21:23 Sun 14th Nov 2021 | Body & Soul
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Hi there
Yesterday morning I went to my local vaccination centre to get my flu jab and my covid19 booster after having had a letter inviting me. I was asked what was my dominant arm, which was my right. So the nurse put the flu and Pfizer jab in my left arm. Flu jab never felt a thing. Pfizer flipping painful and I sat down for recovery for 15 minutes. No issues. Yesterday afternoon very nauseous and tired but slept very well. Got up this morning felt great went to my voluntary job for 5 hours had s great day felt fine. Came home shaky as anything, shivers hot and cold sweats, high temperature 39.1. I had no reaction like this to the other 2 Pfizer jabs or last years flu jab. I did read the leaflet saying you could feel rubbish for a couple of days after or you could have got Covid without knowing before the vaccine. Even as a pessimist I don't think it's the latter !! So is this a normal response to a vaccine and am I right in thinking it's working?


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I think it's just an effect of the Booster. I had mine on Thursday and my arm is still slightly sore.
It will be ok, Gordie. Give it time. Don't fret so much.
Sounds quite normal Gordie, I was doubled jabbed on Thursday and Friday and Saturday were pretty rough.

Feel better soon.
Just give it afew days. I was fine after one but felt extremely tired after the first. Hopefully you'll be fine. Might of course just be coincidence, might be the bug thats going around - a bad flu like one I had for a couple of weeks recently despite the flu jab in september
A friend of mine caught covid without knowing just before her vaccination. Obviously if that’s what happened you you then the vaccine will be too late to help.
More likely probably that it’s just a bad reaction
i felt shaky and shivery and didn't sleep very well after mine but was fine after about 24hrs
I suffered the same side effects. I was fine until I went to bed then I couldn't stop shaking. I went to the bathroom in the night and couldn't balance having to hold onto the furniture. Next morning my husband said my face was red and blotchy. Obviously suffering from side effects and feeling rough, I went back to bed sleeping most of the day and night and when I got up the day after that, I was fine.
Yes the day after was the one that I felt off but by the day after that I was fine, so hope so for you
Agree with Tilly, stop fretting. The chance of it being an actual infection are probably about 1%. Everybody has reacted differently to these vaccines from nothing to severe, from both to neither, from 1st to 2nd and vice-versa.
Pre-covid there were loads of threads about the flu jab too -those who said they'd never had a reaction to those who said it always made them feel rough.
Try not to worry, most of us are in the same boat.
Geordie, ... we had ours two weeks ago. I have had the flu jab for many years now, pneumonia jab, and both covid jabs without a bother. After this booster I was OK for 2 days, apart from the usual dead arm. But 3 days after felt like ***. Like having a cold without sneezes . Headache, lethargy, tired, and psychodelic dreams that only my 60s self could enjoy. Now bob on and OK again. Better still I may have some immunity from the bleeding thing.
I thought that having your flu and booster was not recommended.Indeed when I had mine on Wednesday I was asked if I had had a vaccination in the previous fortnight.Then asked if, when I had first two AZ Covid jabs I had a reaction.I said I had a bit of one for 24 hours with first one and that as booster was Pfizer might happen again as something new entering system same might happen again. In practice had slightly sore and heavy arm but fine now.
Yes, you can have the Flu and Covid Booster together but you should leave a week between the Shingles vaccine and any other.
Question Author
Yes the invitation letter said it was safe to have the covid and flu together
It means ‘it’s working’ and that the T cells have been reminded they are working to protect against any infections
( so my daughter , a frontline worker tells me )
I have never had any reaction to any jab, ever, apart from the COVID booster.
I was fine for two days then on the third day woke up and could barely move because most of my joints were so painful. This lasted for about three or four days and then disappeared as quickly as it came.
You’ll be fine.
Or you really are ill :-) It does happen.
Give it another day and if you’re fine then it’s probably just a reaction
Are you a long lost relative Vagus?
I had mine Friday and it was the worst out of the 3. I've still got a big red swollen lump. Sore, at night I cannot lie on my left side.
I've clasped a bag of frozen peas to mtg arm but it's still sore & swollen.
I’ve a nasty bruise, he’s a bu££er this no 3 :0)))
I am Togo, third cousin 56 times removed ;)

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Booster Update Feeling Pretty Rough Is This Normal Or Covid?

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