How Do You Get A Covid Booster Of Your Choice?

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jourdain2 | 19:55 Fri 22nd Oct 2021 | Body & Soul
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Mr. J2 (88) was vaccinated on 14/12/20 with his first dose (Pfizer) because he is very vulnerable. A rash appeared and in January 21 when he went for his 2nd jab it was much discussed but they gave him Jab no. 2 anyway. Things didn't go well and he had about 8 months of horrendously painful rash all over his body. This required a lot of treatment to make living bearable. He was photographed and yellow-carded - apparently a couple of hundred people had the same reaction.

He still carries the rash, visible under his skin in some place (tummy is easiest)but it doesn't hurt. He has now been asked twice to have a booster and has twice turned it down because the surgery is only offering - you've guessed it - Pfizer.
He would like to be fully vaccinated, but nothing but Pfizer is available and we are a bit worried in case any of the others would have an aggravating effect.

Does anyone know:-
a) how to get an alternative vaccine and
b) which would not start all this up again.

Grasping at straws, but the surgery (normally very good) don't seem able to answer us.
Thanks for any help or info. offered.


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Might be worth ringing around local pharmacies who are offering jabs as they are less likely to be using Pfizer due to its storage issues
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Thanks a lot. Our surgery is usually very good, but we can understand that they are stretched at the moment. He's a bit nervous (understandably) about any of them. I am too - I had to do the creaming of the body 4 times a day, etc., etc.. I do wish someone had the time to talk us through this, who isn't just spouting the official line.
as far as I've seen, Moderna is also being used, but I've no idea how you'd go about asking for it (or how good it is)
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I had A-Zeneca and was happy with it. Moderna is on the same principle as Pfizer, isn't it? We feel a bit lost and need expert , impartial, advice, but don't know where to do for it really. Thanks though. :)
I don't think there is any expert advice really as it's all a bit new. I volunteer at a vaccination centre (was down there this evening). All of our boosters are Pfizer at the moment. Moderna is supposed to be coming online.
coupla hundred in a billion doses
I am not sure if anyone would know the answer

'usual' reactions - they say there is no correlation between getting them with successive doses

I believe you in that there has been 8 mo and you are so far the ONLY time I have said - I would skip the 3rd dose
it is called 'covid arm' apparently

the only case series is in JAMA. No one had whole body involvement

which certainly does NOT cover the severity of your husbands case and says there is a difference in rates between vaccine and repeat reactions can occur

(had no 3 today and felt tired and m achy in 3 h)
The GP could arrange a different one, if enough pressure was put on him or her.

My sister managed to get her GP to arrange a different second jab when she had side effects from her first one.
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Again, thank you all very much. It is so frustrating. Both times the receptionist has called to ask MrJ2 to book his booster he has explained and said that Dr.R., who saw him and supervised treatment, knew all about it and that they should ask him please. Nothing, so far.

It really is so difficult, he's terrified of it all flaring up again, and since it's all so experimental we're inclined to leave things be. He has heart problems etc. as well. We've both had the flu jab with no ill effects.

I may mention it at the surgery - but they obviously don't know either. At lease I know a bit more now. Thanks.
He needs to speak directly to the doctor not the guard, sorry, receptionist.

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How Do You Get A Covid Booster Of Your Choice?

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