Black Eyes Without Trauma

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barry1010 | 09:35 Wed 21st Jul 2021 | Body & Soul
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My aged relative has two black eyes but has not suffered any injury to his face. This has happened before and his face returned to normal after a few days without going through the usual brown/yellow colouring of bruises. He tells me it is not painful at all.

This is different to the bags and dark circles one gets from lack of sleep. He sleeps very well.
Could this be connected to any of his long term conditions - emphysema, mitral valve regurgitation, essential thrombocythemia, very enlarged prostate?

I suppose that I concerned that his black eyes could be a symptom of something that needs attention.


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Quite interesting but almost certainly no big deal and you are not in any way "sitting on a time bomb."

It was appreciated that you gave a full and relevant post, in which I think contains your query..........I hope -;)

He has a low platelet count, which I am sure has been fully investigated, no treatment need by implemented, but the offshoot is that he bleeds easily.......even rubbing his eyes, wiping them although clearly minor trauma can make him bleed and have " black eyes. "

The other medical conditions are playing no part in your quest for knowledge.

That is my take on this post.

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Thanks, Sqad. He has been taking hydroxycarbamide for years as treatment for the ET and your explanation is very clear and has put my mind at rest.
Thanks again

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Black Eyes Without Trauma

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