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jennyjoan | 17:32 Tue 20th Jul 2021 | Body & Soul
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would anybody know how to get a reading down as in losing weight.

Like how many pounds would you need to lose to bring your diabetes reading down a point or two.


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Jenny... one can't just titrate weight loss against blood sugar levels as diabetes is a very personal disorder and more importantly, fat loss as a means of lowering blood sugar is a very contentious issue amongst doctors.

Diet to lose weight by all means but don't be disappointed if your blood sugar levels remain the same.
This might explains the connection between weight and blood sugar.

Well that's surprising i must say .

I am always being told by medics to lose weight to prevent diabetes etc
Pasta.......that link describes how blood sugar levels might effect BUT the OP is asking how weight affects blood sugar levels, quite a different question.
Bazile....the OP is about weight loss in a diagnosed diabetic NOT the effect of weight loss in a non-diabetic.

Or am I mistaken?
Yes you're correct sqad , sorry .

Didn't read the question properly
No problem Bazile I do that quite regularly-;)
Sorry sqad, thought it might offer an explanation of sorts. need for an apology.
You can be very fit, lean as a rake but still get Type 2 diabetes if you eat the wrong foods to provide your energy. Ask Sir Steve Redgrave.

It's not losing weight, it's what you eat that will affect your blood sugar. Losing weight might be a bonus.
This is yet another example of general fat phobia. I know several people, all skinny, who are diabetic. I was borderline diabetic, I stopped eating bread, pasta, rice, grains, beans, sugar and after three months had completely reversed it, and my levels are now normal. It seems like A sacrifice, but it really isn’t. Most of my meals consist of protein, vegetables, and the odd keto snack. It was incredibly easy to get it down, but I have to say I didn’t really lose much weight.
Scarlett, I have reversed my diabetes through diet but still eat pasta, rice, grains and porridge. I eat very limited bread, too.
Oh, I eat lots of beans, too, but not the sort that come in sauce
I don't think it's fat phobia. But people need to be aware that excess weight can contribute to developing diabetes. It's a matter of reducing risk.
I thought it was the diabetes which caused weight gain, not the other way around? The insulin resistance causing the fat band round the middle.
Barry that’s so cool! But I think I should probably stick with this as I know it works for me. Plus I can’t eat gluten / dairy/ grains anyway!
Barry, i have also reversed my type 2 and i also eat pasta, wholemeal bread, rice and beans (haricots, cannellini, black-eyed beans, etc) in water. I also eat lots of fruit and veg and i use sweeteners in my tea and coffee.
much smaller portions, get in to wholemeal bread over white, up your veg, fruit. I have switched to soya milk, the most palatable I've found .. Tesco soya drink unsweetened .. add your own sweetener if preferred. Why a switch to soya? Compare the differences in sugar content. Greek 0% yoghurt .. again add sweetener to taste & some frozen defrosted fresh fruit berries of choice. Yep, some may pull me up for sweetener use, but that's my personal choice. Olive spread for a sandwich, it tastes o.k on a sandwich, not on toast though. Small switches are up.

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