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Question For Diabetics

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Scarlett | 23:19 Fri 01st Mar 2024 | Body & Soul
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Over the years, I have become borderline diabetic, changed my diet and reversed it, and now I'm seemingly back up there again. 
i've cut out carbs and sweet food, which is what I did last time. But I've noticed I need to wee all the time, and I'm getting up twice in the night. I take a lot of supplements with water, and it seems to go straight through me. Do you think this is caused by diabetes? I don't have other symptoms like thirst. 



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it might just mean you're not sleeping as soundly so you're more likely to wake up and feel the need to go. That's purely a guess, though.

Have you had a blood test that shows you are pre-diabetic or do you just feel like you are?

Sorry, I haven't got diabetes but was diagnosed with pre-diabetes once and was able to reverse it with diet.

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Barsel, yes, my  HbA1c was 42 which is borderline. That's what I had a few years back, and I was very strict to get it down to normal levels. 

Be grateful it is only twice a night.  I am type 2 and take my numbers every morning.  If I eat lightly the following morning reads 6,7, or 8. If I indulge in a chinese curry it will always be 10 plus, sometimes up to 12. I do drink a lot and one of my medications is effective but moves glucose from the blood to the bladder.  Hence the well trodden path to the loo every night. Such activity could be because of your medication, your blood sugar level or your choice of food intake.  I try to keep a handle on this and in the main succeed, but it is like juggling jelly.

Funny thing I never experienced excess weeing even when my blood sugars were very high.  I was never thirsty, either 

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Thanks Buen, I will look into that!

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Paul have you adopted a keto diet? For me previously, this was the only way to get it back to normal. I cut out bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, and everything, sweet. 

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Barry did you manage to reverse yours?

I did!  I was on three different meds, threatened with insulin injections, had a fatty liver and decided enough was enough.

No meds at all now, all bloods, liver, everything normal 🙂

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Barry that is excellent. What did you do specifically with your diet and lifestyle changes? I also have high cholesterol high blood pressure, which I think is mostly genetic. 

Funny thing I never experienced excess weeing even when my blood sugars were very high.  I was never thirsty, either 


Neither did I experience what Barry came through yet I am Type 2  -  

Very rigid strict diet to lose 8 stone.

I didn't give up carbs, I eat two moderate portions daily, increased protein (no powders, supplements or weird stuff) and ate my last meal between 5 and 6pm.

No special foods, just cut out all sugary stuff including artificial sweetness, all snacks, and limited fats.

To clarify

Breakfast porridge made with water.

Lunch - huge salad in true sense of the word with fish, chicken, meat or one boiled egg.  No carbs.

Dinner - any type of meat and fish with lots of veg and a moderate amount of pasta, rice or potatoes.  This could be a fat free curry, chilli Bolognese, stew, stir-fry, roast dinner (with boiled/steamed potatoes).  Normal every day dinner.

If I have a sandwich or egg on toast for lunch I have no carbs for dinner.


In 2017 it was 43 and I went on a course which wasn't that helpful, but it gave me a good idea of what I needed to do. 

Eventually, it went down to 35, but it has crept up again, and when I had it tested last month it had gone up to 41, so I'm now going to watch my diet more carefully to stop it going up even higher.

It's always a good idea to check your diet occasionally to see it you can make any improvements.


Barry, if you come back to this thread, can you tell me what you did about your fatty liver, please?


Nothing, truly.  Just cut out a lot of fat, not all, and lost weight. I can't remember the last time I had any form of fat on bread.


Oh!  The statins may have helped, I was put on them around that time

So, no butter, mayo etc. Isn't it a bit dry with no fat?

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Question For Diabetics

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