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Ear Wax Removal Treatment

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Jaimsieboy | 21:01 Sat 02nd Mar 2024 | Body & Soul
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I recently had this treatment carried out in a local  Pharmacy shop and ever since then I have had ringing in one my ears(Tinnitus).

I have written 2 letters to the pharmacist  but he has not replied.

Should I now contact my local Health Board to complain about this matter.

Any advice would be gratefully received.





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Why complain??

Removing ear wax can & does cause tinnitus for some people.

Tinnitus and ear wax

General advice says to leave ear wax alone. However, ear wax build-up can affect how well hearing aids work, and for some people can trigger tinnitus. If ear wax build up is bothersome, it should be treated.

I wonder if removal makes tinnitus worse?

JB, They may have left a little hard wax in. Sometimes they will only go so far. Get some Otex olive oil drops and use that for a few days, it may fade away. A little joke, RING the pharmacy, when they answer, say how do you like it. :0)

Did your GP refer you there?How did you arrange the pharmacy session- was it walk in or booked? Have you tried booking another session, then you could raise it then. Have you asked your GP what should be done now?

I would have thought pharmacists carrying out medical treatment were obliged warn you of possible side-effects. If not, they should be.

Ear ringing can work both ways. Excess build up of very hard wax can give a ringing experience, removing some but not all can give the same, hence my previous sugestion. Why? because I've experienced such.

Maybe contact an experienced audiologist ( fully trained), you will have to pay but it will be worth it . Good luck .

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Thanks To All...J/Boy

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Ear Wax Removal Treatment

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