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jennyjoan | 17:32 Tue 20th Jul 2021 | Body & Soul
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would anybody know how to get a reading down as in losing weight.

Like how many pounds would you need to lose to bring your diabetes reading down a point or two.


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Oops, drastically cut down/ out your sugar/ salt intake!
This is the soya milk I mentioned Jenny ..
Try different brands & alternative milks. Give them a chance, it may taste odd the first time. The above as I've said faster the most palatable for me.
Scarlett, I think you are right to stick to a diet that works for you, I am sure we are all different, what works for one won't work for everyone.

I ditched sweeteners decades ago and really could not drink sweet tea or coffee now, would just taste like sugar water to me.

My brother has late onset Type 1 diabetes so I don't know if there is a genetic link.
I was very obese when diabetes was diagnosed but many very fat people aren't and never will be.

Jenny, when my diabetes wasn't controlled and I was taking 3 different drugs a day I didn't have a set glucose reading. It's not like standing on the scales to weigh yourself. My readings would fluctuate wildly throughout the day, like everyone with Type 2 diabetes.
Even after I lost 8 stone and was a healthy weight my diabetes was still only controlled by drugs.

I reversed the diabetes by changing what I ate, when I ate and how much I ate.
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well I have changed a good bit of things in the two weeks I visited doctor and am delighted to say I've lost 4lbs. I've to go back again on Tuesday to doctor/nurse and hope to lose at least one pound. Hopefully I am on the up.

My goal would be to be able to wear my lovely clothes instead of swamping my body with T shirts and leggings. And of course lower the diabetes reading for Type 2.
I didn't know you are Type 2 diabetic, jenny.
Is it controlled by drugs?
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one metformin a day - I had been prediabetic for quite a while but now the reading is showing early days of Type 2. In the last two weeks I have given up "bad" things and also I'm feeling great.

But with having an "apron" of fat round the tummy - I'm finding that some muscles are there and I can "pull it in" a little. If that makes sense.
Good for you for tackling, it jenny. What is your HbA1c reading?
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where I live I have known about 2 people of have lost

one has lost a toe
one has lost a whole foot

and a friend of mine who died about 2 years ago lost his sight, foot and went blind and was crucified with the dialysis. He has since died. So having all that information should help.

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^^^ (friend) eventually losing his leg ( lived on diet coke - addicted)
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Barry re the reading I don't want to say at this point. Perhaps in the future I will be able to tell you how much it is down.
Mine was over 15, jenny
So your friend had kidney failure as well as diabetes? There is a definite link between the two
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can you tell me what this is about.

when nurse does the reading it is a different reading to the one if you prick your finger at home (device)

which by the way I don't have - just somebody did prick my finger - it can give you a reading like from 4-22 or more (I don't know)

yet the nurse gives you like 40 an upwards - I do think the nurse's reading is more accurate of course. but I generally don't understand the two readings.
Good answer by barry1010 at 08.10.
Jenny, the reading is exactly the same from a finger prick test which only tells you what your reading is it at that moment.
The reading is different because some meters read in Mmo/l and some read in mg/dl.
Think of it as being like your kitchen scales - the weight can show as either pounds and ounces or grams and kilos but the quantities are exactly the same.
Here is a conversion chart

The hb1Ac shows the average glucose for the previous 3 months so is much more accurate and useful. That needs a proper blood sample that is sent off to the lab, it can't be done with a finger prick test
I can't recommend this site highly enough - a fabulous forum where they will answer all your questions and great, solid advice.

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that reads good Barry - thanks for the link

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