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AndrewCat | 18:50 Sat 06th Mar 2021 | Body & Soul
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Hi,I had Covid last year,I felt unwell,but not critically ill,a bit like bad cold/flu. I’ve now booked my first Covid vac appointment in a fortnights time,but am starting to wonder-There seems to be news reports saying that people who previously had Covid tend to have more severe side effects when they do have the vaccine.Has anybody had Covid and gone on to have the vaccine? Interested to hear anybody’s experiences


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"There’s currently no evidence that having had COVID-19 would make you more or less likely to experience side effects from the vaccine. Some people have mild arm soreness, fatigue, muscle aches, headache or fever, especially after the second dose."

I had the virus last March, fairly mildly. I had the Oxford vaccine on Feb 15th and apart from a sore arm, was fine
I’ve been trying to fathom the link between vaccine symptoms and no vaccine symptoms, and I honestly can’t find one. There seems to be no logical reason why some people suffer for a couple of days, and others don’t. I was convinced that I would have side-effects, and I had zero.
Scarlett, TheProf was on here a couple of nights ago and he confirmed that so far there doesn't seem to be a link or any kind of predictor of who will have them and who won't. He also confirmed that there is no link between side effects and vaccine efficacy or immune system health.
I do wonder whether its to do with the adjuvant substance in the vaccine rather than the vacciney bit itself. The first time I had the adjuvanted flu vaccine, I was really rough with it...before I had always had a mild reaction, but that year it took me right off my feet. The NHS were saying "oh you should only get a sore arm, maybe feel tired for a day" but in the US they were being upfront that there was the potential with adjuvanted vaccine to get more noticeable although not dangerous, side effects. My older sister though, never has any problems at all, not even a sore arm and it was the same with the covid vac. She had Pfizer though and I had AZ which may have made a difference. Once again I was unwell and she was fine.
I also think though that the side effects thing is getting a bit out of proportion. With few and rare exceptions the worst is a rough few days. Real flu is much worse and real covid worse again.
A few mild side effects is a price worth paying.

Not only might it stop you getting seriously ill or dying, it might protect your loved ones from getting ill.
yes Hopkirk and from the point of view of someone whose side effects weren't mild, the price is still worth paying.
Why are people so worried about being vaccinated? I`ve had more vaccinations than I care to remember and I`m still alive.
I was just tired the next day
Seems to be Afro carrabians that are not taking jab
237SJ "Why are people so worried about being vaccinated? I`ve had more vaccinations than I care to remember and I`m still alive."

1. I don't know
2. me too and
3. me too
I can remember my first at school was a BCG I think
Just looked at my record. I had - yellow fever, typhoid, paratyphoid, cholera, polio, tetanus, rabies, diptheria, meningitis, hepatitis B. I`ve been jabbed more times than I care to remember
That's a long list
I haven’t had covid nor the vaccine but I can comment on someone I know who had both.

She had covid in sept 2020. She had symptoms similar to covid gave her symptoms of mild flu. (Ie Aches, lethargy, low fever but she felt well within 10 days approx

Covid vax (early feb 2021) made her feel like she had bad flu (fever, aches, headache - about 1 week, but fatigue n lethargy about 2 weeks) She is okay now

She is however glad she went ahead with vaccine
I had Covid in in January, (not too bad just flu like symptoms). i had the Pfizer jab last week and was fine apart from a sore arm.
i had the astra zeneca vaccination and did indeed have horrible side effects, some time after receiving it. shaking uncontrollably, till i retired for the night and it stopped.
Had asymptomatic Covid at some stage (antibody positive on blood test in July), first Covid vaccine in January, no side effects other than very mild fatigue next day, some staff off for 24 hours with mild flu like symptoms. Have staff member coming back to work tomorrow who had Covid in January just prior to vaccinations of key workers, who is young, normal weight , previously relatively fit, not BAME who is still struggling with long Covid, who has needed treatment for inflammation around the heart, therefore would recommend get your vaccine!
Not rabies and not meningitis but also bcg and german measles twice..i must pull out my yellow book!
Who qualifies for a pneumonia jab? I read somewhere that there is one available.
Pretty sure I had the virus at the beginning of the spread in uk,(when they only tested you if you ended up in hospital) still have long covid symptoms, no problems with jab apart from a sore arm for a couple of days.

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