Painful Pneumonia.

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Theland | 06:34 Sun 17th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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Still in a lot of pain and only slightly less breathless, since coming home Friday evening.
Only two Doxycycline left, but started on a reducing Prednisolone protocol.
Quite worried still.


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Hope you have been sleeping. You really must consider returning to the hospital.
You should not have left the hospital
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I hope rest will do it :-)
Have read your thread re hospital and completely understand why you wanted to leave. Now you need proper attention again. But don't be surprised if you are taken back to hospital as you sound quite bad.
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I've been spending my time mainly sleeping, and even awake hardly been out of the bed.
This has knocked me sideways.
I do think there has been a minimal improvement in my breathing, but so little and so slow.
Reading your other thread in my experience it's different ward by ward. I've had a couple of stays. Two of them were sound. The last one I discharged myself from. I could not stay there.

If you go back the chances are you'll be on a different ward. I haven't stayed on the same ward twice.

Don't suffer at home.
Whilst I feel for you feeling so ill I am also really cross. You know you need to be in hospital but won’t stay in one. You’re family must be worried sick and now you will no doubt need another ambulance to get you back there, take up time being admitted and getting back in the system. Go to hospital, get sorted and stop arsing about.
I think lockdown is making people irrational, Sher. I didn't realise how lonely I would feel. When you're used to having people around you it's awful to just be left on your own.
Ummm, I know I sound harsh but Theland’s just making himself iller. It must be scary and lonely but he’s definitely not going to get better by going in and out of hospital. From what he’s posted he needs proper medical treatment.
I don't think you're being harsh at all. I agree with you. He might not be thinking straight.
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sherrardk - I don't blame you for your annoyance towards me, but things look and feel so different from within my own skin.
The truth is that apart from monitoring, I am being looked after far better here at home than in a crazy world of that ward, were heroism from the staff is simply not enough to adequately see to patients needs.
Interesting predicament.
Is there anything that can done in the hospital which cannot be achieved in the home?
Can the personnel in the home environment cope?
Would you prefer to die at home or in hospital?
Answer those questions are you're problem is solved.
sqad interesting choice of questions....when I wanted to pull my husband out of a filthy noisy ward. I asked the consultant the same question as your first one. I knew the answers to the other two.

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Painful Pneumonia.

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